Mindel Scott & Associates

Marcia L. Smith

Marcia L. Smith

Chief Administrative Officer

Marcia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, but found most of her credentialing through job experience. She started as a bookkeeper for a local hardware store, but she stopped long enough to raise her 4 children before returning to the workforce. Fortunately, her experience led her to obtain a job working for H&R Block, and when the original IBM PC’s came on the market, she volunteered to lead the development team for a computerized tax form. The software developers hired her away and mentored her in the BASIC computer language, and she pursued that a bit farther to take some programming language at the Speed School at the University of Louisville.

That job took Marcia to another job located in Marion, IN, where she became a trainer for nationwide computer installations in accounting, project management and equipment tracking.  She started with  Mindel Scott in 2005 and now serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and finds the job has surrounded her with a great staff and good bosses.

As part of the Management Team, Marcia brings a female touch to many ideas, but she also brings social skills that involve understanding motivation, personal problems and personality issues. Her computer and training background helps run a good orientation program and keeps all others informed of office policies and changes. She often becomes the liaison between top management and vendors, clients and other employees.