Mindel Scott

Heather Hoyt

Heather Hoyt

Technician II

Heather is a Senior Drafter with extensive experience in construction design for commercial development, residential development, sanitary and stormwater sewer collection systems and water distribution systems. The five years of experience she has using AutoCAD in the design of construction plans and facilitating the distribution of construction plans for bidding purposes by contractors for Rhien-Bach, Inc make her quite an asset. Heather started working at Mindel Scott in February of 2014.

Heather’s a problem-solver by nature, and she uses her knowledge of AutoCAD and Microsoft Office and business savvy to come up with cost-effective, practical and innovative technical solutions. Heather is an excellent communicator who has finely tuned her negotiation and organizational skills. Her thirst for knowledge means she’s always interested in learning new things and innovating the old ones.

A natural introvert who listens to all sides before speaking up, Heather relocated here from Niles, Michigan, where she grew up. She enjoys scrapbooking, reading and puzzles. Connect with her on LinkedIn.