Mindel Scott

Emily Hill

Emily Hill

Landscape Designer II

Emily graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and began her professional career in parks and recreation in Columbus, Ohio. She then transitioned to residential design/build in Louisville before she joined the Mindel Scott team in 2022.

Emily brings small-scale experience to Mindel Scott, helping to remind the team of the different stakeholders who will be affected and benefit from excellent attention to detail. Working with so many different types of professionals in the office has her constantly learning about other perspectives in every project and thinking of the impact of each design change on both the construction side as well as the end user’s experience.

In her free time, Emily enjoys walking her dogs throughout Louisville’s extensive park system. She enjoys crafts of all kinds and is always working on new projects at home. Emily is also the Secretary of the Executive Committee for the Kentucky Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects.