Mindel Scott & Associates

Deborah Jerdon

Deborah Jerdon

Senior Engineering Technician

Deborah started in the engineering field at Iroquois High School, where she attended drafting classes. She took basic drafting courses at the University of Louisville and Louisville Tech in her Junior and Senior years. She happened to join Mindel Scott in 1999 for her co-op as a high school senior, and this February, she’ll have been with the company for 18 years. Because of her diverse skill set, Deborah has previously worked as a drafter, senior drafter, designer, tech and lead tech with Mindel Scott.

She is part of the Cad Committee and handles quality control and development drafter training plan preparation, research, software IT work, printer maintenance and ordering office supplies. As Lead Tech, it’s her responsibility to make sure her team members have what they need to complete the tasks at hand. Her attention to detail allows her to develop standards, guidelines, plans and surveys that help the entire company. Deborah is the go-to person for questions about projects and software needs. She enjoys being part of a team that grows together, because she has come to learn that one person’s weakness is another person’s strength.

As a mother and grandmother, Deborah’s time is spent planning activities, making memories and enjoying life. She loves spending time with her family, being constantly creative and baking amazing cakes. When a loved one’s birthday rolls around, you can count on her to create a cake others could only dream about.