Mindel Scott

Landscape Architecture

We understand the importance of starting and finishing a project on time and under budget. As our clients know, their satisfaction is a goal we relentlessly pursue through savvy project management and superior landscape architecture skills. We consistently work hard to bring the decision makers, project team members, contractors and other vital team players together throughout the process so we can keep your project moving efficiently.

Our Landscape Architects are highly skilled and experienced in creating successful, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and cost-effective designs. We’re capable of expertly evaluating any constraints specific to your site in order to help manipulate the land and mold the site to fit the intended use. We’re skilled in enhancing projects through carefully planned landscape architecture and use of the natural terrain to minimize construction costs. From conceptual layouts to site construction documents and drawings, our team has the know-how and experience to design according to your specific needs. Click here to contact us.

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