Mindel Scott

Oakland Hills Subdivision

Project #:

11705 Waterford Road, Louisville, KY
Jefferson County/Bullitt County Line

Project Description:
The Oakland Hills Subdivision is a 592-lot residential development using development transfer to utilize areas of steep slopes for density credit, increasing lot yield by reduced lot size without use of a rezoning. This unique project resulted in a design with vast open space while preserving much of the site’s environmentally sensitive features. Oakland Hills sits adjacent to The Parklands and will provide integrated trail connectivity, helping blend itself with the Parkland surroundings.

Mindel Scott’s Tasks:
Mindel Scott was responsible for completing the site analysis prior to creating the conceptual design for the project site. Mindel Scott covered all planning aspects of the project including coordination with local governing agencies and assisting in obtaining agency approvals. Mindel Scott expects to provide surveying services and prepare site construction drawings in upcoming phases as the project progresses.

Under Development 2018 – Present

Square Footage/Size:
592 Residential Lots
443± Acres

Project Client:
21st Century Parks Endowment, Inc.

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