Mindel Scott

Ft. Pickett Regional Training Center Phase I & II

Project #:

Blackstone, VA
Fort Pickett, VA

Project Description:
This project was a two-phase design/build for the new Regional Training Institute for the Virginia National Guard at Fort Pickett, Virginia. This 56-acre site will provide as a training center for National Guard and Reservists across the US. Phase I included a Regimental Headquarters, an Officer Candidate School, an auditorium, and an education center. Phase II included the design and construction of three 250 personnel barracks which total over 59,000 SF in gross area, a parade field, a parking lot and other supporting site facilities. Mindel Scott collaborated with a multi-disciplinary design team led by Barton Malow Construction. The client for this project was US Army Corp of Engineers, Norfolk District.

Mindel Scott’s Tasks:
Mindel Scott was responsible for the topographic survey work and boundary work; site design and planning; site components of anti-terrorism force protection; civil engineering of storm drainage; site grading; sanitary sewers; landscape plan; and LEED support for site related credits. The site was designed per UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings. For this project drop gates, fences, roadside swales, and standoff distances were just a few ATFP features utilized across the site.

Completed 2011

SQ Footage:
7,420 SF Admin Building (Phase I)
34,865 SF Education Building (Phase I)
4,960 SF Auditorium (Phase I)
49,550 SF Officer Candidate School (Phase I)
61,000 SF Barracks (Phase II)

Project Cost:
$23,000,000 (Phase I)
$28,000,000 (Phase II)

Project Contact:
USACE, Norfolk District
Guy W. Taylor

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