Mindel Scott

Brentwood Commons

Project #:

10509 Bardstown Bluff Road | Louisville, KY

Project Description:
Brentwood Commons is a 135-unit multi-family residential community. The community sits on 33 acres adjacent to the protected Floyd’s Fork stream corridor and the Parklands.

Mindel Scott’s Tasks:
Mindel Scott had a variety of tasks on the Brentwood Commons project. The Mindel Scott team assisted in land planning and zoning, including meeting with the local governing agencies to advance the plans and obtain approvals. Mindel Scott engineers were responsible for site construction plans, obtaining floodplain permits, designing plans for offsite public road widening, detention basin work, water quality treatment, offsite sanitary sewer extensions, and utility coordination. The Mindel Scott surveying team also played a major role in this project in completing and preparing both the boundary and topographic surveys.

Completed 2023

135 Units

Project Cost:

Project Client:
Redwood Living, Inc.

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