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Landscape Installation Certifications in Jefferson County, Kentucky

Building a completely new building or remodeling an existing structure is a huge project. From planning and breaking ground to final inspections, some projects take years. Everything considered, getting a building up and running is an ambitious goal!

Throughout the building process, inspections are conducted to make sure everything is installed per the latest building codes. The last certification to be obtained is a Certificate of Occupancy which states that a building is complaint with applicable building codes and indicates that the structure is in proper condition for occupancy. In some instances, Jefferson County requires a Landscape Installation Certification to be completed in addition to all final inspections before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Here’s what you need to know about this requirement and how we can help get your building open quickly and efficiently.

When you might need a Landscape Installation Certification

Jefferson County’s Land Development Code (LDC) requires an application for a plan showing the required landscaping and tree preservation plans. The LDC states that “no site development, building or structure shall hereafter be constructed nor vehicular use area (VUA) created unless landscaping is provided.”

A landscape plan is submitted with all other plans for a new build or major remodel up front and is signed off by local government. A well-designed landscape plan that is integrated into the development provides much needed aesthetics, helps reduce noise and air pollution, lowers air temperatures, and protects the appeal of surrounding areas.

Jefferson County’s Landscape Installation Certification states that “prior to receiving a certificate of occupancy, a landscape architect shall inspect and certify that all required landscaping shown on the approved landscape plan has been installed.” Just like the electrical and plumbing systems are checked during final inspection, a Licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Kentucky completes a Landscape Installation Certification to ensure the approved landscape plans have been installed as expected.

Louisville Landscape Architecture Firms

From creating landscape plans to site construction documents and drawings, our Landscape Architecture department has the experience and proper credentials to sign off on Landscape Installation Certifications. We can turn projects around quickly and efficiently, ensuring you can obtain your certificate of occupancy as soon as possible.

If your project requires a Landscape Installation Certification, contact us for more information. You can also view our Landscape Architecture work here.