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When Is Legal Shooting Light in Wisconsin

Dates and hours: View seasonal dates and shooting times. For more information on deer population trends and statistics, visit the Deer Management page. One to four additional woodless licences for farmland (Zone 2) [PDF] will be taken with each deer licence in 2022, depending on the unit selected. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a degenerative disease of the brain and nerve tissue that infects white-tailed deer and other deer. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources began monitoring the state`s wild white-tailed deer for CWD in 1999. The first positive results were obtained in 2002 during trials on deer shot by hunters in November 2001. While it is not necessary to test a deer shot, hunters are encouraged to learn about CWD in Wisconsin and keep abreast of mandatory bait and feeding restrictions. MNR and partner organizations offer a variety of ways to enjoy the deer hunting season: hunters can also apply for a free antlerless deer harvest permit or purchase a bonus antlerless deer permit. These options are only available in certain counties.

Bait and feeding: Check the bait and feeding regulations page frequently to find out if your county allows deer baiting and feeding. County Deer Advisory Councils (RCCs) provide feedback each spring on the upcoming season structure and antler-free harvest quotas for each DMU. Carcass movement: Check the carcass movement rules to find out how and where deer can be moved. In areas of farmland, additional harvest permits (bonuses) for antlerless deer will be available for purchase from August 15. Wisconsin is nationally recognized as one of the nation`s premier white-tailed deer hunting states, boasting both an abundant herd and a proven reputation for producing some of the world`s largest males. With over seven million acres of land open to public hunting in a variety of habitats, you can have the experience that`s right for you. From hiking all day on a cool trail in the great Northwoods to the fertile river bottoms and farmland of the south. Visit the deer management pages and CDAC for more information. The DNR divides the state into four deer management zones (DMZs) based on habitat type: northern forest, central forest, central farmland, and southern farmland. In each DMZ, the department manages deer through Deer Management Units (DMUs), which typically follow county boundaries. MNR offers a variety of resources to track crop statistics over time: Not sure which Deer Management Unit (DMU) to choose? Go to the Public Access Land Mapping app. Click Show Layer List, then select DNR Hunting Areas, and then select Deer Areas.

You can then zoom in on your area to see which DMU you fall into. In 2022, Wisconsin MNR will not produce individual regulations for small game, deer and migratory birds. Instead, these species, along with bears and moose, will be included in a combined regulatory brochure. Visit our CWD page to learn more about screening your deer and what you can do to slow the spread. For detailed information, including county listings and metro subunit maps, see the 2022 Metro Subunit Guide [PDF]. Printed copies will be sent to all successful applicants for the wolf hunting licence. These timber-free harvesting permits can be filled with any type of weapon during the corresponding season. They must be completed in the zone, unit and type of land (public or private) indicated in each harvest permit. Enhanced first-come, first-served harvest permits are available for $12 each for residents, $20 each for non-residents and $5 for young hunters under 12 years of age. Stay ahead of the curve by preparing for this year`s hunting season: hunters can use any of their antlerless deer (Zone 2) licences included in their licence, or purchase antlerless deer licences to hunt in a sub-unit of the metro by selecting the Deer Management Unit (DMU) where the sub-unit is located. The harvest permit is valid throughout the DMU, including sub-units of the metro. Whether you`re new to hunting or preparing for your fiftieth season, Wisconsin has everything you need for a good hunt and unforgettable memories in the deer forests.