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What Licenses Do I Need to Start a Small Business

Shipping: Does your company use freight transportation overseas? You must apply for a business license from the Federal Marine Commission. Your city`s business licensing department will, of course, be specific to your location, so you`ll need to find the office yourself to get this type of license. If you don`t know where to start, it`s best to go to your local city hall or courthouse to find the office where you can get your permit. You can also use the SBA`s Small Business Resource Finder tool to find local business needs based on your area. Ultimately, many home-based businesses have to go through the same process to get the licenses needed to start a business. There are, of course, other professions that may be affected by professional licensing requirements – again, you should check your state`s regulations to make sure you have the licenses you need to start a business in your profession. The IRS does not technically “license” your business, but it does require certain businesses to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or a federal tax identification number. Companies must register for an EIN so that the IRS can identify your business entity and tax you if necessary. Small business owners who operate from home should be aware of local zoning ordinances that apply to home-based businesses in their area. Most businesses need licenses or permits to operate. Please click on each of the following resources to determine if licenses or permits are required for your organization.

In many states, entrepreneurs in certain professions must obtain some type of license to operate legally. You need this business license to start your business and must maintain it with your state to continue operating over the years. For example, if you sell alcohol, guns, gasoline, or lottery tickets, your state probably requires you to have another small business license to sell these types of products. The list of licenses for specific sellers could extend beyond these industries for your state, so you`ll need to contact your state government office to make sure you have the seller licenses you need to start your business. Starting a business requires a lot of organization and planning, but don`t skimp on the important step of getting all the necessary business permits and licenses. Follow these steps to help you get started in the state of Texas: Radio and television: If your business broadcasts information about radio, television, satellite, or cable services in the United States, contact the Federal Communications Commission to obtain the federal business license you need to operate. Select a business structure. For a brief overview of the following types of legal business structures available in California, visit our Entity Types website: If you find that you need local and state business licenses, you may be hesitant to ask, “Do I need a federal business license?” Fortunately, not all small businesses have to worry about federal licensing, but some in some industries do. Therefore, just like at the local and state levels, it`s important to know what federal licenses you might need to start your business and get them when needed — or you could face fines and penalties.

If you`re starting a new business, you`ll need to choose a name that can be used in your state and doesn`t go against another company`s brand. Don`t lose sleep trying to decipher the federal, state, and local laws surrounding commercial licenses and permits. Instead, contact an experienced small business attorney who can advise you on important trade laws you need to follow and help you fill out applications and forms. The most basic type of business license you might need is a local business license, which, as the name suggests, essentially grants you the right to operate your business. To research specific business licenses and/or business permits, you can contact your district court and state agency, which should also be able to provide more information about federal requirements.