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What Is the Legal Blade Length in North Carolina

I`m a little confused. In North Carolina, switch blades are marked as legal, but spring knives are not. Are switching blades not supported per spring? I hope you can enlighten me. I have an 11-inch pocket knife with a 4.7-inch blade. Is it legal to carry it in my bag in public? And can the clip be shown? The NC laws say nothing about the length of the pocket knife, so I`m curious. Thank you. I have provided blade lengths that comply with local regulations, take Raleigh for example: • It is illegal to carry knives openly in prisons, courthouses and schools Yes, it is illegal to carry stabbings or firearms on campus or in a courthouse, it is also illegal to have them at a parade funeral (unless you are one of the guys firing guns in the air) but if you are there for a protest and it has been approved to go for your good. 🙂 of what I have read in this act. It`s similar to Florida`s knife law.

I think that would be more towards your intention. I usually carry a neck knife. When I wear it outside of my shirt in Florida, it legal.kinda.it depends only on what you do with it, what I can understand ambiguously and right next to the store in South Carolina. Yes, North Carolina might have some floridiots. Lol lives there. Hi James; The sure answer, of course, would be the ENTIRE length from tip to handle, including ricasso or baking (this is the unsharpened part of the blade right next to the handle itself). I don`t know if the law is specific enough to deal with this difference, but at the end of the day, you`ll probably want to ask a lawyer in North Carolina if it`s that important to your situation. -It is illegal to possess an automatic spring knife or switch blade The difference in dexterity between individuals also applies to the appearance “must not be opened by the action of the spring”. Moreover, “spring action” is vague and vague. Arguably, the phrase “opened by spring action” is something other than a “switch blade knife” as defined by the North Carolina legislature in §§ 14-269.2. Weapons on campus or other educational property. In light of the possible constitutional problems, as well as the positive legal defence described above, we propose that a person charged under section 14-269(a) consult counsel.

I don`t think you can wear a switch blade in North Carolina, from what I read in Statewide Preemption: NoConcealed Carry: Concealed wearing is strictly prohibited. However, the law includes an exception for “an ordinary pocket knife.” Minors: It is illegal to sell or provide a “Bowie knife” or “Dirk” to minors. Schools: Knives cannot be possessed openly or secretly on school grounds. Hi Timothy; Thanks for the comment. I looked at the law that says it is illegal to sell certain knives to minors: § 14-315. There could be more than a dozen good reasons why you might want to carry a knife in the old northern state. North Carolina offers some of the most spectacular outdoor sites in the world – from the highest peaks in the east, from the beaches of arid islands to tumultuous waterfalls. It also offers anglers a dream area for fly fishing – a trout mecca with brown, rainbow, streams and Donaldson species.

Need more adrenaline, and you can do a Spiderman climb on quartzite at Hanging Rock Park. All those outdoor thrills require the right equipment, and one of them is your friendly knife. So, what knives can you carry while fly fishing? And what can save the day when you climb the steep vertical lines of Moore`s Wall 300-foot cliff? Let`s find out. North Carolina`s verbose knife laws are confusing and can be misleading. So we divided them into plain English. I have my K-Bar issued by the army, is it leacle or illegal to open clothes. Possession of a machete is not illegal. If you are transporting, simply following the laws that prohibit the concealed wearing of a Karambit is completely legal. It does not fit the definition of a dagger because it is not symmetrical. In 1843, in État v. Huntley, the North Carolina Supreme Court concluded that while a person can open a firearm whose possession is not illegal for legal purposes, they cannot do so to frighten or alarm the public. The Court held that, although there is no law prohibiting such carrying; It was a common law offence for which a person could be charged.

Add: The tip of the blade is blunt, the cutting edge serrated and the small straight edge of 1/4″ by teething. Also equipped with a glass breaker tip. The main purpose is rescue/survival, but can be misunderstood as a real Karambit Folder combat knife, I guess. If it is acceptable to carry a 6-inch knife, the total length is 11 inches. I have to be different with Joe MC and Bob Dole – the law says “spring-loaded ballistic knives” are illegal, switch blades are not. Ballistic or projectile knives have detachable blades that actually pull out of the handle. This is not the case with a switch blade. Switch blades cannot be concelebrated, but can be “worn open” if they are not executed in such a way as to alert someone (e.g.

on the belt, etc.). The law states that it is legal to open any legal knife, and switch blades are legal. Projectiles or ballistic knives are not. I hope that makes sense. This information is presented as a brief summary of the law and not as legal advice. AKTI is not and cannot be a provider of legal services. Use of the Website does not create an attorney-client relationship. Laws are interpreted differently by law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges. AKTI suggests that you consult legal counsel. I would also like to know the legal length limit. I know it`s 3 or 4 inches He clearly says that switch blades are illegal. Therefore, if the possession of an object is illegal, it is illegal to wear it, whether hidden or overt.

Okay, what about Balisong (butterfly knife)? No one ever mentions them. Are they illegal in North Carolina? Are there any restrictions? Yes, butterfly knives, also known as Balisong, are legal to possess and carry openly, but not hidden.