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What Is the Definition of a Ambience

Atmosphere is one of those words we stole from French. In French, the word means the same thing, you guessed it, atmosphere. It`s a word you want to know if you`re interested in restaurant reviews – they always want to talk about ambiance. As a funny oddity, the word has a positive feeling; It can be used to mean a pleasant atmosphere without using the word “beautiful”, as in: “Hey, this place really has atmosphere”. Appetizers cost between $23 and $35, a bargain considering the quality of the ingredients and the refined ambiance. The décor is clean and simple and the atmosphere is busy and relaxed at the same time. Even the changing shades of the color organ were nothing more than a weak mood. The plot is important, but it`s the atmosphere that`s as enchanting as an impressionist painting. I now believe that these documents were written with the first hint of fear in the atmosphere of an air-conditioned office in New York.

Another image of the arch lamp in action shows that it offers an excellent ambience with its low light, which was TheRoyalEngineer`s original intention when it started the project. This feature is especially useful for recording groups of people and recording conversations with the mood of the room, ensuring natural and realistic recorded sound. The food here is also delicious and imaginative, but the vibe is different 180 degrees. Ambience is another word for atmosphere in the sense of the ambience that a place or environment has. When an expensive restaurant has dim lighting and peaceful music, it has a pleasant and soothing vibe. The young student frequently traveled to New York to attend performances at the Metropolitan Opera House and Carnegie Hall, captivated by the music and acoustic atmosphere. The atmosphere at the FBI was formal, absurd and strictly commercial. Page 39 The word “lamb” has been replaced by “ambience” (nothing more than a faint atmosphere), which means dim light. The night was dry, without a hint of fog, but still a milky atmosphere that gave an effect of brilliant humidity was mostly.

This week, they launched a review section where users can rate pharmacies on things like “quality” and “ambiance.” This bedside lamp provides a great ambience to soothe body and mind, but cannot be used as a bedside lamp. The vibe is almost asexual, while rockabilly and Motown play in the background. partly from ambi(ent) entrée 1 + -ence, partly borrowed from the French ambience (from ambient + -ance -ance) How aromatherapy, lighting, and sound can make a bath more relaxingOne of the biggest differences between your tub and a spa is ambiance. I hope our participants will see the dynamic atmosphere of this unique city. Her collection, which was presented at the opening night of Fashion Week, was titled “Ambience – The Land, The Woman, and her Man.” Instead, the authors had to rely on visual cues and ambiance. The clientele likes to participate in the opulent atmosphere that music projects. Again and again, the band sacrifices the simple joy of a pop hook in favor of a dense and meditative atmosphere. A scented candle subtly but intimately affects the mood of your room and changes your mood based on the fragrance alone. At least 100 canaries had been brought in to cheerfully chirp the mood, and they hung in cages above the cold dance floor, where 3,000 guests in coats and hats were shaking. It`s a more casual LGBTQ vibe with craft cocktails, theme nights, and a casual vibe.