Mindel Scott

What Is the Biblical Definition of a Vessel

1 Kings 7:38 And he made ten brass rings, each taking forty baths, and measuring four cubits; A ship was placed on each of the ten bases. (root in BBE) I admire their willingness to serve God despite the circumstances. It is an attitude that I seek in my own way with God. I want to be a vessel used by God for His glory, but I have to be willing to go where He calls me and do what He asks. Psalm 31:12 I am forgotten as a dead man out of the heart: I am like a broken vessel. (KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV) Friends and I have begun doing a weekly Bible study for the summer, and we recently discussed the analogy of pots in light of what it means to be a vessel for God. 2 Kings 4:6 And it came to pass that when the vessels were full, she said to her son, Bring me another vessel. And he said to him, “There is no more ship.” And the oil stayed. (root in KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV) Wood (18 occurrences). Leviticus 11:32 And upon which one of them, when he is dead, shall fall, shall be unclean; whether it be a wooden vase, or a garment, or a skin, or a …/w/wooden.htm – 12k Judges 7:16 Then he divided the three hundred men into three bands, and gave each a horn and a vessel in which was a burning branch. (BBE) Proverbs 25:13 Like a vessel of snow on the day of harvest, so is a faithful messenger to those who send him, and he refreshes the souls of his masters. (YLT) Who in the Bible stands out to you as a vessel, prepared and ready to be used by God? What qualities do you notice in your life that you can incorporate into yours? The forged golden vessel. The forged gold vessel.

Hebrew 6:19, 20. A moment in the earthen vase. The treasures of glory shine. /…/Bevan/Hymns of ter steegen suso et al./The forged golden vase.htm Mark 4:21 And he said to them, When the light enters, do men put it under a vessel, or under the bed, and not on his table? (BBE WBS) Leviticus 16:12 And let him take a vessel full of burning coal from the altar before the Lord, and take in his hand some sweet fragrance, which has been crushed, and take it in the veil; (BBE) Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, devoured me, troubled me, made me an empty vessel (Jeremiah 51:34); “Be clean, you who carry the vessels of the Lord.” (Isaiah 52:11) In the most general sense, containers are cups, bowls, jugs or vases used to hold liquids or other contents (Random House Unabridged Dictionary). When I think about what it means to be a ship, I think of someone who is completely open to God`s will, no matter the cost. I think of someone with a peaceful mind, a life dedicated to prayer, and someone whose life reflects the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). A human vessel is someone who is willing to be used by God for whatever purpose He has in mind. [3] That vessels designate the externalities of spiritual things is also evident in other passages of the Word, as in Isaiah: 3rd (n.) Fig.: A person who receives or contains something; in particular (script), someone in whom something is designed as cast or in which something is stored for use; like vessels of wrath or mercy. Proverbs 25:4 Remove the slag from the money, and there will come out a vase for the finest. (KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV) Acts 10:11 And saw how the heavens opened, and a certain vessel descended upon him, as it was a great cloth knitted at the four corners and descended upon the earth: (KJV ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT) 30.

Aggeion — a ship. a ship. Part of language: noun, neutral Transliteration: aggeion Phonetic notation: (ang-eye`-on) Short definition: a container, a vial, a box Definition: a container. strongsnumbers.com/greek2/30.htm – 6k Romans 9:21 indicates that when God created man, He formed man as a vessel. Man is a vessel of clay, but he was destined for glory and glory. So Paul says that we are vessels for glory and vessels for glory. Of course, we are vessels of mercy (v. 23).

God has had mercy on us because He has appointed us to be His containers. Proverbs 26:23As silver slag on an earthen vessel are the lips of a fervent man with an evil heart. (WEB JPS ASV BBE DBY NAS RSV) Luke 11:33 No man, when the light is lit, puts it in a secret place or under a vessel, but on his table, that those who enter may see the light. (BBE WBS) John 19:29 Now a container full of vinegar was placed therein; So they put a sponge full of vinegar on the hyssop and held it to his mouth. (WEB KJV ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT) Psalm 126:6 Even if a man goes out weeping and takes his vessel with seed; He will return in joy, with the corded grain stems in his arms. (BBE) 3627. Keli — an item, a utensil, a container. 3626, 3627. 3628. an article, a utensil, a container. Transliteration: keli Phonetic spelling: (kel-ee`) Short definition: utensils.

/hebrew/3627.htm – 6k Numbers 16:47 And at the words of Moses, Aaron took his ship and ran among the people; and even then the disease had begun among them; And he put spices in his vase to remove the sin of men. (BBE) Chapter Three. Doctor partly his own hidden holiness and convinces the Master that he still walks in the night of ignorance and has an impure vessel and therefore. /…/The history and life of Venerable Dr. John Tauler/Chapter three.htm which deals with the Lord`s kingdom. The sacrifice in a proper vessel is representative of the man outside in relation to the interior; What the gift brings is the inner man; The pure vessel is the outer man who is in agreement, therefore it designates the things in the outer man which are the knowledge of memory, knowledge and doctrinal things. Leviticus 15:26 And the whole bed, on which she rests every day of her problem, is for her the bed of her separation, and all the vessel on which she sits is as unclean as the impurity of her separation; for the Chaldeans designate those who are in knowledge, but who have been desecrated by the lies therein (AC 1368); that knowledge may be used to worship gods of gold and silver; for Belshazzar is called king of the Chaldeans in the same chapter (Daniel 5:30). The word ship is often used in the Bible, and in English terms it means either a container such as a bowl or jug, or a ship or boat. The biblical meaning refers to a person who calls God and uses Him as a vessel. The metaphor of a leader as a useful vessel refers to a receptive person.

Deuteronomy 23:24 When you come into your neighbor`s vineyard, you may eat grapes that you have full; but you won`t put it in your ship. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT RSV) Acts 11:5 I was in the city of Joppa and prayed: And in a trance I had a vision: A certain vessel came down, as it was a great cloth descended from the four corners of heaven; And it even came to me:(KJV ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT) 2 Samuel 17:28brought beds and basins and earthen containers and wheat and barley and flour and dried grains and beans and lentils and dried legumes (root in WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT RSV) The judges said: If you have a clearer statement to make. The world is a ship; [1575] And if [1576] the essence of God has already filled all this vessel, how is it possible now that more is possible. /…/The records of the dispute with the heresiarchical manes/14 The judges said that if.htm Proverbs 27:22Even if a foolish man is crushed with a hammer in a container between crushed grains, his foolish ways will not depart from him. (BBE) The fragments or splinters of a broken ceramic vessel are extremely hard (cf. Job 41:30) and therefore remain forever. They are found in huge quantities on every archaeological mound in the Middle East and were quite familiar to biblical figures. Job, for example, used a convenient potsherd to scratch his wounds (Job 2:8). The ubiquitous splinters served as symbols of dryness (Psalm 22:15) and useless remnants (Isaiah 30:14). See Potsherd.

Another type of basic container in antiquity was the storage vessel, large oval or pear-shaped pots that usually had two or four handles. The tips were closed with an appropriately shaped potsherd or with a clay stopper. Jars were used to store flour or flour (1 Kings 17:14) or to transport and store liquid rations such as water (Mark 14:13 KJV, “pot”; John 4:28 KJV, “pot of water”). A smaller glass was used to store oil (2 Kings 4:2; KJV, “pot”; VIN, “a little”). Storage pots were often designed to hold standard measurements, a common size in Old Testament times being two baths, averaging twenty-five inches high and sixteen in diameter. Typical storage jars had rounded, almost pointed bases and were pressed into stands, holes in wooden planks or loose soil.