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What Is Pharmacy Definition in Hindi

Pharmacy is the science and practice of drug discovery, manufacture, preparation, distribution, review and monitoring with the goal of ensuring the safe, effective and affordable use of drugs. It is a different science because it combines health sciences with pharmaceutical and natural sciences. Professional practice is increasingly clinically oriented, as most drugs are now manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the attitude, pharmacy practice is classified as community or institutional pharmacy. Direct patient care in the institutional pharmacy community is considered clinical pharmacy. Synonyms: pharmacy, s_shop pharmacy, pharmacy, s_shop pharmacy, pharmacy pharmacy (name) = the art and science of making and dispensing medicines and medicines, pharmacy (name) = a retail store selling medicines and other items See the meaning of pharmacy in Hindi, the definition of pharmacy, translation and meaning of pharmacy in Hindi. Find pharmacy-like words, synonyms for pharmacy. Learn and practice pharmacy pronunciation. Find the answer to what pharmacy means in Hindi. देेखें pharmacy का हिन्दी मतलब, pharmacy का मीनिंग, pharmacy का हिन्दी अर्थ, pharmacy का हिन्दी अनुवाद। Meaning Guru provides Indian language dictionaries with meaning, definition, examples, translation, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms and relevant words. We are working on developing an app that can help people translate English words into Indian languages with translation, word definition, examples, transliteration, synonyms, antonyms, relevant words and more.

What does pharmacy mean in Hindi, translation of pharmacy in Hindi, pharmacy definition, pronunciation and examples of pharmacy in Hindi. Hindi means pharmacy, Hindi means pharmacy, Hindi translation of pharmacy, . Premium “Apotheke” to¤¹à¤¿à¤à¤¦à¥ à¤μà¤3/4द, रत¿à¤à¤¦à¤¿à¤à¤¤·à¤·à¤3/4, à¤̧à¥à¤·à¥à¤à¥à¤à¤£ र à¤·à ·à£·à £·à £·à ¤à ¤·à ¤¥à¤à¤à ¤£ à ¤° à ¤£ à ¤° à ¤·à ·à ·à £¤à ¤§ à ¥à¤à ¤£ à ¤¤° à ¤£ à ¤¤ à ¤§à ¥à ¤£ à ¤¤ à ¤§à ¥à ¤·à ¤¥à ¥à ¤à ¤£ à ¤¤§ à ¥à ¤¤£ à ¤¤ à ¤¤ à ¤§à ¥à ¤¤·à ¤·à ¤¥à ¥à ¤¥à ¤£ à ¤¤ à ¤§à ¥à ¤¤£ à ¤¤§ à ¥à ¤¤à ¤§à ¥à ¤¤à ¤¤à ¤§à ¥à ¤¤à ¤¤ à ¤¤¤ à ¤§à ¥à ¤¤� to¤ªto ¤ªto¥ to¤¤ªto·to£ to¤¤ªto¥ to¤¤ªto¥ to¤¤ªto¥ to¤¤ªto¥ to¤¤ªto£ to¤¤ªto£ to¤¤ªto £ to¤¤ªto £ to¤¤ªto °à¤¤°à¤°à¤° to¤£ to¤¤° to¤¤° to to¤¤° to ¤¤° to¤¤° to¤¤° to¤¤¤° to¤¤¤° to¤¤°to¥to¤to¤ to¤to¦to¤3/4to¤¹to¤°to¤¤ to¤¤° to¥¥to¤¤ Englisches Hindi-Wörterbuch | Das englische Hindi-Wörterbuch bezieht sich auf das Wissen über Substanzen, die in der Medizin oder pharmazeutischen Wissenschaft oder “Pharmazie” oder “Apotheke” verwendet werden. Es umfasst nicht nur Wissen und Kombination von Arzneimitteln, sondern auch deren Identifizierung, Konservierung, Herstellung, Analyse und Messung. Die Erfindung und Synthese neuer Medikamente sind die Hauptfunktionen der Pharmazie. Apotheke ist auch der Ort, an dem das Medikament und der Verkauf stattfinden. drugstore, medicines, pharmacy pharmacy, pharmacy You can create your own word lists based on the topics.