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What Is a Cis Form

Chemistry has used the terms trans and cis to talk about the arrangement of isomers, which are molecules or ions that have the same formula but different structures. They are used to describe the structure of a molecule and whether an atom is on the same side as a similar atom or on a different side. If you are asking for support, the court will carefully consider your spousal lifestyle expenses, as well as your current expenses, to determine the marital lifestyle and your needs. These are two factors which the Court must take into account when assessing the appropriateness of maintenance and, if so, its amount. Judges determine what they consider to be your “reasonable” expenses. Therefore, you should discuss your expenses with your lawyer. If your expenses (or a specific expense) are particularly high, you can attach proof of these expenses to your SIC to prove to the court that it is an actual expense. If you want to learn more about your health and gender affirmation, or how you can support trans people in your life, TransHub is for you. To learn more about how you can be a great ally, visit our Allies section, which includes information for families, partners, friends and more.

In information technology, the feature is supported in several powerful mathematical libraries (such as Intel`s Math Kernel Library (MKL)[15]) available for many compilers, programming languages (including C, C++,[16] Common Lisp,[17][18] D,[19] Fortran,[20] Haskell,[21] Julia,[22] and Rust[23]), and operating systems (including Windows, Linux[20], macOS, and HP-UX[24]). Depending on the platform, the merged operation is about twice as fast as calling the sine and cosine functions individually. [19] [3] Often, a party does not know what their expenses are because their spouse has maintained their expenses during the marriage. In this case, you should check the bank statements, credit card statements, and other documents from which your expenses were paid to determine your expenses. If necessary, you can contact the various creditors to obtain this information. Your CIS can and should be updated and modified according to the circumstances of your case. CIS stands for Case Information Statement. “Ask the Attorney” is a blog where the answers to your legal questions that are asktheattorney@einhornharris.com asked can be answered. The answers to the questions are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or the establishment of a customer relationship. The facts of each case are different, so you should seek competent legal representation. You may have heard the term cis used, maybe even used to describe yourself, and you wonder what it means or why the word must exist in the first place.

It is mainly used as a convenient shorthand for simplifying certain expressions,[9][10][11] for example in conjunction with Fourier and Hartley transforms,[12][13][14] or when exponential functions should not be used in mathematics lessons for some reason. I`m leaving my husband, but really confused about what the whole divorce process entails. So I asked a friend who had recently divorced what it was, and she told me I had to fill out a CIS. What is a SIC? The notation Cis is an abbreviation for the combination of functions on the right side of Euler`s formula: cis is a mathematical notation defined by cis x = cos x + i sin x, where cos is the cosine function, i is the imaginary unit, and sin is the sine function. Notation is used less frequently in mathematics than Euler`s eix formula, which provides an even shorter notation for cos x + i sin x, but cis(x) is often used as the name for this function in software libraries. The RCT is a document that defines your income, expenses (marital lifestyle expenses and current expenses), assets and liabilities. This document is extremely important. It provides your lawyer, your spouse`s lawyer, and the court with the information needed to determine child support (i.e. child and child support), fair distribution, and attorney`s fees.

You and your spouse should complete and share this document to the best of your ability. In fact, you will not receive assistance from the Court unless you have filed a SCI. When the divorce is finalized, you should keep your SIC as well as that of your ex-spouse. If you are seeking help after your divorce, you must provide the court with the CIS documents filed at the time of your divorce and an updated SIB so that the court can consider an application to change or terminate the assistance filed by you or your former spouse at the time. Cis notation was first coined by William Rowan Hamilton in Elements of Quaternions (1866)[4][5] and later used by Irving Stringham in works such as Uniplanar Algebra (1893),[6][7] or by James Harkness and Frank Morley in their introduction to the theory of analytic functions (1898). [7] [8] It combines trigonometric functions with exponential functions in the complex plane via Euler`s formula.