Mindel Scott

What Are Some Weird Laws in New York

Every introverted dream of New York. Since Manhattan is a bustling city with lots of talkative and loud mouths, many people prefer to hold back small talk. However, it is an extremely difficult task for some. An elevator is probably one of the top five places where you shouldn`t start a casual conversation with a stranger due to the limited space and lack of quick escape. That being said, this law threatens a fine for those who cannot read the play. or the elevator. We all understand a lot of basic laws that we need to follow to make our community a safe place, but on the other hand, there are some pretty strange and unique laws that we have to follow, as well as some pretty strange street names while driving. Oh good day, we`re sure this will alleviate some of your weekend joys, as you can no longer skydive and jump from planes, cliffs or buildings. However, here`s one for New York`s list of strange laws. For those who believe in lasting entertainment, putting a puppet on your hand and playing with it in your window seemed like a good replacement for the old Zenith TV. Unfortunately, this was not the case. You have to go back a long way, when certain laws were included in the books to understand why they are laws in the first place. New York State was a very different place 100 or 200 years ago and some laws fall through the cracks – meaning they`re not enforced and/or they`re so ridiculous they just aren`t.

There are thousands of ways to greet someone when you`re in public. You can say hello. You can wave. You can give a hug, you can give a high-five or punch someone in the face or trip them or push them down. But under no circumstances should you greet someone in public in New York by putting your thumb over your nose and wiggling your fingers. That would be terrible. Please stick to tripping people and pushing them down. It`s less terrible. Thanks for reading our list of New York`s strange laws. As strange as it may seem, the habit of making a law and removing it from books when it is no longer relevant is a difficult cookie to manipulate.

No matter how stupid one of these laws is, there may have been a good reason to make them. However, times are changing and many laws are becoming obsolete. While this is a list of crazy/strange laws, it`s another law that doesn`t stray out of line. The number “25” seems very accurate, but this amount of balloons could seriously harm wildlife and certainly counts as garbage. The law states: “No person shall knowingly throw a ball or intentionally throw it outside. For the purposes of this section, “balloon” means a flexible, non-porous bag made of materials such as rubber, latex, polychloroprene or nylon containing helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, air or water. It is recommended that you reconsider the idea of gender disclosure party before you end up with a hefty fine! Now, what`s wrong with people letting their donkey bathe in your own bathtubs in the first place? It is strange, but it is actually a good law. If a butcher sells someone meat containing more than 30% fat, the penalty can be up to 30 days in jail. It seems to me that this is a good law that could prevent a little bit of obesity, serious health problems and other things. I see no reason why selling healthy food in the city is a bad idea, and it`s not like anyone really wants to eat fatty hamburger meat. That`s why we buy all the thin stuff anyway. Please stop me here if you know what a spitting spoon is.

It sounds like something old-fashioned and quite southern (and something I`ll Google later), but I`ve never heard of it in my life. But if you`re a business owner in New York, you`d better have at least one in your business and you should clean it up every 24 hours unless you dare to break the law. I`m sure the spittutoon spoon industry is thriving and it`s not hard to find one if you`re already breaking this law. This law is probably the most meaningful of the whole list. Of course, it`s not nice to throw a ball at someone`s head for fun because you could seriously hurt someone. But in reality, how often do you throw bullets at people`s heads for fun? And who would sue you for that? How do you even prove that it was for fun? What if it was accidental? How is this confirmed in court? Living on Long Island is not only a privilege, but the people of Long Island must follow the rules if they want to enjoy our island. We are of course part of New York State, so there are a lot of laws to follow. Shame, shame, shame on those of you who love to dye your rabbit skins in different colors. Why would anyone take the time to enact such a law? Only God knows, leave them as they are. Here in upstate New York, there are strange, crazy, ridiculous laws that some people probably break all the time. If I look at some of them, I have certainly broken at least two or three.

Ladies, please put on your mom and your husband`s loose clothes, as you are not allowed to wear anything in New York that is considered close to the body. It may mean something different to everyone, but we`re sure it means you can`t even dress the way you want in most cases, and it`s not that cool with us. But that`s okay; We do not believe that this law will be enforced very strictly if New York`s public roads are any indication. Then there are the other laws. These are often outdated, absurd and seem to have been introduced due to a single incident that probably dates back centuries. They were ratified anyway, and often most people even forget that they exist. So, if you think your last ticket was unfair and unjustified, check out some unknown laws you can get a ticket for or stop in New York State. Apparently, this way of greeting someone is considered downright offensive. So offensive that the authorities declared it illegal. Also known as “nose turns”, this act serves as a sign of contempt and can be considered a very childish act.

Don`t greet your friends like that because you may have a ticket in your hands. You probably like to think of yourself as a law-abiding citizen. Who doesn`t? . But what if there are laws you don`t even know you`re breaking? New York has thousands of laws in its books that are no longer enforced, but are still laws. Repealing laws is no small feat. In fact, some may say that it is much easier to create a law than to repeal it. Regardless, the fact that there are many, many old laws in books today that are obsolete today is important, meaning they have no bearing on how we live today. In fact, there are many laws today that were based solely on superstition and had nothing to do with facts. To give you an idea, let`s now take a look at some of the strangest laws in the books of the great state of New York.

Yes, yes, I know what you think, that there is always someone throwing water on the parade. In a world where so many people love to nibble peanuts while walking backwards on sidewalks during a concert, this law simply sucks in the pleasure of life. Apparently, it was illegal to eat ice cream on a Sunday in the past, so I guess it was to deter potential criminals from hiding incriminating evidence from the police. Either this or that is due to a strange childhood trauma suffered by a New York legislator. Okay, we have a real doozy here who says you can`t wear your bedroom slippers after 10pm. While some people think this is wrong, others actually believe that your smelly slippers will attract rats. Tsk, Tsk, what will happen to the world if we let people walk around on Sundays with freshly bought ice cream cones, dripping and cold in their pockets? Since it is Sunday, it is quite possible that it is a blue law. However, it is quite difficult to understand the religious significance of putting an ice cream cone in your pocket while walking. Well, it`s hard to consider. Why on earth would it be illegal for 3 or more people to share rent just because they are not related? Well, whatever the reason, that`s why we think this one should be removed from the books. It turns out there are a lot more savage laws we couldn`t talk about, so we compiled a list of ten other bizarre laws that still exist in New York, according to Money Inc.`s article on the subject.

The Senate passed a resolution commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Holocaust. It was the anniversary of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Cup and expressed the desire that the Dodgers one day return to “their only real home.” Continue Another oddly random one. How many tigers have you seen outside the Central Park Zoo?! Probably not much. If you encounter a tiger for some reason, taking a selfie with it is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But if you do, don`t do it. It is against the law. Once upon a time, in good New York City, someone was found biting birds in the park. This is not only disturbing for birds, but also disturbing for good citizens who are forced to watch the show. Now you know – it is illegal to bite pigeons in the park. We did some research and found an article from Money Inc.