Mindel Scott

Western Sydney Community Legal Centre Parramatta Nsw

Supporting individuals, community groups, businesses and businesses is very important to SWSLC`s ability to expand and expand its services. Are you a landlord who has a problem with a contractor who applies for legal aid? About this role This role is located in our law firm and will be primarily based in Parramatta, with some contacts at other locations required. We are looking for an experienced family law lawyer who is flexible and enjoys working with a range of clients from different backgrounds. The role includes connecting with project partners, including the Family Relationship Centre in Macquarie Park and Parramatta with other outreach sites. The roll currently includes a negotiable family mediation component. The CLCP team provides legal services through specialized legal teams: Are you a multicultural person with a legal problem? (Including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and culturally and linguistically diverse people) Our Board of Directors is made up of independent volunteers. Members come from the broader community and support the principles of social justice and equality. Are you a youth worker or youth ministry looking for resources? The South West Sydney Legal Centre provides essential local services, including free legal advice, education on their rights and services to women and children affected by domestic and family violence. Our centre was established in 1986 to support the people of Liverpool, Fairfield and Bankstown. We are part of the community and use local knowledge and partnerships to improve access to justice.

Position: Lawyer – Family Law Organization: Western Sydney Community Legal Centre Location: Parramatta NSW Deadline: 17:00 19/11/2021 How to apply: Further information and information about the application can be found in the attachment. Applications by email to [email protected] Your application requires a copy of your CV and 2. An explanation of the selection criteria. Applications that do not meet the selection criteria will not be considered. Contact person: Filiz Inan, [email protected] WSCLC`s Community Legal Centres (CLCP) program provides free legal advice and other legal and related services to the West Sydney community. Donate to our legal team to bring justice to the West Sydney community. Cumberland Women`s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (CWDVCAS). Western Sydney Community Legal Centre Limited (WSCLC) is a limited liability company governed by an honorary board of directors comprised of professionals with an interest in social justice. WSCLC is accredited by the National Association of Community Legal Centres (CLC NSW). Donate to our organization to help us achieve our mission. Do you and your ex-partner need a safe place to spend supervised time or transfer with your child? Case studies are a selection of real stories that show how we help individuals. The names have been changed to align with our strict privacy guidelines.

The warden stays at home and leaves the domestic violence department at Violence and Bankstown. Are you a victim of domestic and family violence and seeking safety support in court? Are you a young person with a criminal problem seeking social support in court? Director of the South West Sydney Women`s Domestic Violence Service. We support people facing injustice, abuse, hardship or discrimination, especially women and children affected by domestic and family violence. Are you an Indigenous person who needs social support services, including housing, money, central link, employment, relationships, health and well-being? Our experienced employees are the backbone of our successful services. Their passion and dedication are constantly evolving to express the needs of their clients.