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Volunteers of Legal Service Inc

Hospital Children`s Project – allows volunteer lawyers to work with doctors, nurses and social workers to identify and resolve legal issues that may impact children`s health outcomes (e.g., crumbling plaster and peeling paint exacerbate asthma, mould, cockroaches, rats, etc.) a child from low-income families. For more information, see: www.volsprobono.org/projects/hospital-based-childrens-project Elderly Project – provides free legal advice, information, and other short services to low-income Manhattan residents aged 60 and older, as well as the social workers and lawyers who support them. These services include direct advice on critical issues related to housing, government benefits and consumer debt, as well as the preparation of life planning documents. For more information, see: www.volsprobono.org/projects/elderly-project Immigration Project – recruits, trains and mentors pro bono lawyers to help undocumented high school students overcome their immigration problems so they can legally work or go to university. For more information, please visit: Incarcerated Mothers www.volsprobono.org/projects/immigration-project Law Project – provides legal advice, information and advocacy for women who are mothers in prison or prison on family law issues. For more information, see: Microenterprise www.volsprobono.org/projects/incarcerated-mothers-law-project Project – helps low-income micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses solve legal issues such as commercial leasing and real estate, intellectual property and contracts so that these businesses can thrive. For more information, see: www.volsprobono.org/projects/microenterprise-project Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Project – recruits, trains, and mentors volunteer lawyers to represent New Yorkers who have been denied unemployment insurance benefits after losing their jobs during administrative hearings before the New York State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. For more information, visit: www.volsprobono.org/projects/unemployment-insurance-advocacy-project The Volunteers of Legal Service (VOLS) Elderly Project provides free legal advice to seniors in New York City (ages 60+). VOLS works with pro bono lawyers to prepare free wills, powers of attorney, powers of attorney and other living wills.

The project also provides 10 monthly walk-in legal clinics in Manhattan senior centers and works with social workers and community organizations to provide high-quality, holistic services. We also organize training courses for seniors and employees of the center for the elderly. Most admissions are made by legal clinics. We currently offer remote services. Visit our legal aid directory to find legal help, or chat with a LiveHelp representative to help you navigate the site. Volunteers of Legal Service (VOLS) leverages the goodwill, resources, and talents of New York`s leading law firms to provide pro bono legal assistance to low-income residents. VOL projects allow volunteers to reach New Yorkers in need of civilian service. Through these projects, VOLS advocates provide pro bono support that helps reunite families, solve immigration issues, gain key government benefits, and start small businesses. Learn more about these projects: School-based Children`s Project – helps low-income families resolve legal issues (e.g., forced evictions, loss of food stamps and Medicaid, immigration, etc.) that affect their children`s ability to succeed in school. For more information, please visit: www.volsprobono.org/projects/school-based-childrens-project Please call the Seniors Projects Helpline at (347) 521-5704 or find an online application form at volsprobono.org/projects/elderly/. 40 Worth St. Suite 820 New York, NY 10013 USA.