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Twins off Legally Blonde

In the end, Annie and Chris dance together, and Izzy does the same with Brad, a scholar; who had helped the twins in student court. The twins and their friends are now popular at school, while Tiffany and Justin are cut off from their wealth as punishment by their parents for their misdeeds and for the shame of their respective families, and are also sent to public school in a rowdy bus, much to their horror. The Suite Life is just the beginning of the twins` careers – they`re about to star in the sequel to Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde. And look at them in the photo – don`t they look exactly like Mini-Reese Witherspoons? With their platinum blonde hair, colorful clothes, and the same cheeky gait that made Elle such an adorable character, Camilla and Becky are ready to lead the next generation of blonde supremacy! Although the Rosso twins have already had a promising acting career as well as a solid start in the music industry with their girl group The Rosso Sisters, the twins have all but disappeared from the radar since 2015. Yes, seriously. While reports indicate that Camilla and Rebecca Rosso married in 2018 and attended each other`s weddings, they really haven`t been active on social media to share their lives with their fans. However, in an interview with Kidz World, Milly explained that they were already working on a project after Legally Blondes. “We`re going to shoot a pilot for Disney Channel this summer, so we`re keeping our fingers crossed that it`s picked up and turned into a series,” she said. Whatever this pilot was, it was obviously not taken care of, and the acting career of the Rosso twins suddenly stopped. Chris and Izzy then argue their case in student court. Izzy is locked in the bathroom by Justin to silence her during the hearing, forcing Annie to overcome her fear of public speaking and pretend to be her. When Izzy returns, Annie must continue to carry her case while posing as her sister in order to maintain the ruse. When Annie finishes her plot summary of Tiffany and Justin, the twins` followers click on their pens to annoy Justin, who is irritated by the noise, out of anger Justin admits to slandering Chris and Izzy on Tiffany`s behalf.

Imagine attending a taping of your favorite TV show – and you end up becoming one of its stars. That`s exactly what happened to Milly and Becky Rosso, identical 12-year-old twins from England, when they went to a recording of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody! The girls stopped by the CosmoGIRL! Office to discuss everything from her move from England to the United States to coordinating outfits! The Rosso twins began to put their musical career above acting, and really put everything into the Rosso sisters. British twin sisters Annie and Izzy Woods move with their cousin Elle Woods to Southern California after Elle became a successful lobbyist and moved to Washington, DC. The twins are dismayed to learn that they will be attending Pacific Prepstone`s alma mater Elle (Pac Prep), a private school that requires uniforms. Whatever happened in the Rosso twins` professional lives after filming their latest episode of The Suite Life on Deck and packing Legally Blondes, both are still very grown-up. In fact, Rebecca and Camilla Rosso were wise beyond their years when they gave an interview to Portrait magazine in 2009 and gave strong advice to young girls around the world. If you`ve ever seen the Rosso twins, then you know they speak with a British accent. And while Camilla and Rebecca Rosso obviously lived in America while playing and working, they were originally from England, which they were particularly proud of. If you watched Disney Channel from the mid to late 2000s, you`ve probably seen The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The series followed twins Zack and Cody as they lived in an upscale hotel with their single mother. The series focuses mainly on the twins, but soon two new characters appear: the British twins played by none other than the Rosso twins.

Obviously, the Rosso twins made the most of being twins by getting acting roles and starting impressive careers at such a young age, so anyone with misconceptions about twins would learn otherwise. Chris and Izzy are later accused of cheating on a history test and try to prove their innocence. After learning that Chris has access to a master key that opens all the doors of the school and that Tiffany has a master access code that gives access to all the computers in the school (given by their father), the twins suspect that she and their boyfriend Justin Whitley tricked them into accessing test answers on their teacher`s computer.