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Top Ip Law Firms in Silicon Valley

The firms listed below have been selected by the publisher of Super Lawyers as Northern California law firms that employ attorneys who are proficient in their intellectual property skills. Each of these firms has lawyers who rank highly on the 2014 Northern California Super Lawyers list. In addition, these companies were included in the November 2014 issue of Wired magazine. Silicon Valley Business Journal`s list of IP law firms recognizes the best IP law firms in Silicon Valley, ranked by the number of IP attorneys in each firm. With more than 80 intellectual property attorneys at Fenwick`s Mountain View headquarters, the firm has the largest intellectual property practice in the valley — also one of the largest in the entire United States, according to Law360. The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently published its annual ranking of Silicon Valley`s largest intellectual property law firms, based on the number of local IP lawyers in Silicon Valley offices. If you have ever wondered about the number of heads, this ranking is for you. Knobbe Martens is regularly one of the leading intellectual property firms and one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the United States. From patents and trademarks to copyright and data protection, Knobbe is an intellectual property star. Knobbe also has experience in international IP issues. The industries served by the company include biotechnology, blockchain, clean technology, financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software and information technology, etc. Size matters at the heart of our country`s innovation capital, especially after a year in which cross-movements between companies have been rapid and furious.

Sure, there was a lot of turnover in 2021, but companies were still gathering a huge number of employees thanks to the rapid influx of new employees into the ongoing war for talent. Silicon Valley is where technology thrives in the US, so it makes sense that law firms have flocked to the region with elitist IP practices. Without further ado, here are the top five intellectual property law firms in Silicon Valley: Whether you own or run a business, whether you are an inventor, innovator, explorer, designer or artist, you need to protect your intellectual property and the creations that underpin your success. You also need to trust your legal advisor who will advise and guide you through the laws that keep your creations in mind. While the firms listed below vary in size – from central to individual practice – they all have one thing in common: lawyers who demonstrate excellence in legal practice. Molecular Biology Patent Attorney-in-Office Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP San Francisco BCG Office Search for Lawyers The top-ranked law firm is looking for a junior or intermediate litigator, preferably with 4-10 years of experience. The candidate will work on intellectual property and commercial litigation. Experience in patent and/or trademark and copyright litigation is an asset. Legal Fenwick`s intellectual property lawyers provide integrated legal advice to the world`s most innovative technology and life sciences companies on all aspects of intellectual property protection and exploitation.

Specific practice areas include antitrust and unfair competition, copyright, patents, technology transactions, trade secrets and trademarks. Innovation is the name of the game at Orrick – from the energy and technology customers the company advises, to its impactful wellness initiatives, to its cutting-edge technology tools. Down-to-earth, collaborative and forward-thinking employees will fit perfectly into this progressive company. Orrick is a global law firm with more than 1,100 lawyers passionate about teamwork and innovation. The company has dozens of offices around the world, including national locations in California, New York, Oregon and Texas. “This recognition reflects the significant importance Fenwick places on our intellectual property services,” said Lawrence Granatelli, President of Fenwick Intellectual Property Group. “In Silicon Valley, intellectual property can literally determine the success or failure of a company.” Mountain View, CA (April 11, 2016) – Fenwick & West is pleased to announce that the Silicon Valley Business Journal has ranked the company as Silicon Valley`s leading intellectual property company for the third consecutive year. Finnegan is known for his work in patent law and has impressive technical experience as well as legal skills. The company is also known for its volunteer work with veterans.

Finnegan takes training seriously, with extensive formal programming combined with a focus on mentorship. If you`re looking for a supportive and team-oriented atmosphere, you`ll feel right at home here. “After researching the internet and hearing good things about patent law, I decided. Alston & Bird embodies Southern hospitality with its friendly and friendly culture. Pro bono is a source of pride for employees, and the company supports it with a unique opportunity for premium rewards based on non-billable hours. Alston & Bird has more than 800 lawyers in the United States, from Peach State headquarters to nine other national offices and three international locations. The company has been recognized for its strength in areas such as healthcare, data privacy and security, real estate, and taxation. â If you need a very competent patent attorney who patiently listens to your questions. More IP is the name of the game at Fish & Richardson, so be prepared to show off your technical or scientific background in interviews. The staff here is busy, but they are spoiled with great culture, top-notch IP work, and lots of flexibility.

The firm focuses primarily on intellectual property litigation and advice, as well as post-grant matters, but its scope is reflected in the list of industries it serves. Fish handles intellectual property issues for clients in more than a dozen industries, including biotechnology, energy, clean technology, consumer products, financial services, aerospace and defence, new media, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and more. Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin Law Corporation – I interviewed 5 patent attorneys in East Bay and SF. 4 patent attorneys said I couldn`t get a utility. More stars Kessler is an intellectual property powerhouse and has been involved in several cases over the years that have shaped the intellectual property law landscape. The Washington-based company represents clients including Google, Adidas, Apple, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Teva, Pepsico and the University of California. Employees are proud of the firm`s pro bono intellectual property and human rights practice – the first of its kind – which focuses on the interaction of intellectual property principles and human rights. Biglaw, California, Intellectual Property, Silicon Valley Fenwick has not only been recognized as a leading practice in Silicon Valley, but has also received wide recognition at the national and state levels for its IP work.