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DAY: TA/da rules for central government employees 2020, daily allowance for comics, travel allowance rules for government employees pdf in Bengali, ta Bangladesh rules in bangla, ta / da bd rules 2018, ta dhaka rules 2016, ta rules 2018, ta / da state employees rules, planning and implementation: cabinet department, A2i, BCC, Doict, Base. (a) In the case of transfer travel, staff members shall be entitled to the following benefits: 6. Government employees shall be entitled to Tk 2.00 per 100 kg of rent for the transportation of 1 km of personal property in the case of the transportation of transferred goods. (b) The amount of personal effects and the availability of packing costs for transportation at the time of transfer of State employees are as follows: Ministry of Finance, Department of Finance For air travel, category 1 employees receive an allowance of 30 tk per kilometre, category 2 employees 12 tk per kilometre and category 3 and 4 6 tk per kilometre. Category 2 staff members received Tk 1,200 per kg of goods for family travel and Tk 1,500 for packing costs. You will receive an allowance of 45 taka per kilometer as well as the fixed cost of 2,500 takas. In accordance with the policy, officials from the Department of Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation, the Office of the Comptroller General and all government agencies in Narayanganj districts were requested to submit their compensation invoices online. ৯। জনস্বার্থে জারীকৃত এ আদেশ জারির তারিখ হতে কার্যকর হবে। The Department of Finance has also revised the per diem and transfer allowances for staff members. ৩। পথ ভাড়া ভাতা (Mileage Allowance) : ভ্রমণের দূরত্ব নির্বিশেষে সড়ক পথথต পথে ই �ড়ক পথথ ভ্রমণের জন্য নিম্নোক্ত হার প্রযােজ্য হবেঃ Now they receive an allowance of 50 Tk per kilometre. There was no exemption limit per kilometre in this category, but staff members received Tk 2,250 as packing costs. The Ministry of Finance has taken over the programme as part of its Integrated Budgetary and Accounting System project, which has been implemented over the past decade to ensure better use of allocations in the annual state budget.

৫। বদলিজনিত ভ্রমণ ভাতা: According to the circular, civil servants in grades 5 to higher will be in category 1, grades 6 to 10 in category 2, grades 11 to 16 in category 3 and grades 17 to 20 in category 4. In addition, officials at grade 5 and above receive a travel allowance of Tk 30 per kilometre for domestic flights. For air travel, they received 20% of the plane ticket. All three types of certificates must be submitted online rather than manually according to an experimental design by the ministry, officials said Sunday. In addition, category 1 staff would receive 1.5 times the air-conditioned fare for rail travel and other categories would receive 1.8 times the fare. For inland waterways, the exemption limit corresponded to water transport tariffs. Category 1 employees receive Tk 18 per kilometre for road, rail and river journeys, Category 2 employees receive Tk 15 per km and Category 3 and 4 employees receive Tk 8 per km. They added that in this context, the Ministry of Finance had already issued a directive to implement the experimental program from the current month. নং-০৭.০০.০০০.১৭৩.৩৪.০০৭.১৫-৭১ তারিখঃ ২৫/০৯/২০১৬ খ্রিঃ The Ministry of Finance has also increased the travel allowance for families of government employees upon transfer. Government Servant`s Travel Allowance Gazette – 2016 The Government of the People`s Republic of Bangladesh 8. In preparation for the promulgation of this Prajapan, other ordinances were | It is considered modified in the same way.

Subscribe to the portal (Muhammad Abu Taher) Previously, category 1 staff received a travel allowance of Tk 2,300 per kg of cargo for family travel, which has now been increased to Tk 3,000. 7. Grade means that the time scale or the scale of selection grades is not the evaluation grade/class, but the substantive class applicable to the post concerned. Other ministries and departments would be gradually placed under the new billing system from next month. The Ministry of Finance has increased travel allowances for government employees from Tk 3.75 per kilometer of road to Tk 18 per km, according to a Finance Department circular on Sunday. ৪। পথ ভাড়া (mileage allowance): নির্ণয়ের জন্য শ্রেণি প্রাপ্যতা: Category 4 employees received fixed packaging costs of 300 Tk and 400 Tk per kg. You will now receive an allowance of 8 taka per kilometer as well as the fixed travel fee of 600 tk. TADA_sep_16.pdf । টিএ ডিএ বিধিমালা ২০১৬: ডাউনলোড. The Department of Finance has taken the initiative to make it mandatory for government employees and employees to file invoices online for per diems, travel allowances and transfer allowances.