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We would like to inform you that at Swiss Medical Julieta Dell Isolla we provide all the services your medical team needs. At the same time, it is important to clarify that, according to the report of the Forensic Corps and the medical reports attached to the trial indicated by Julieta, the patient`s condition is extremely complex to be treated at home and can be life-threatening. For this reason, the trial judge in charge of the case, Dr. Patricio Marianello, rejected the precautionary measure to protect his health. We appreciate everyone`s concern for Julia`s well-being and will keep you informed of any developments. Hello! My name is Julieta (ID 25071343), I am 42 years old, I am a mother of two children aged 7 and 17 whose father lives in the United States. I was diagnosed with advanced ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) 1 year ago. Although the doctors dismissed me to continue the hospitalization, Swiss medicine refuses to take charge of the permanent nursing service. Therefore, I would like to ask Swiss Medical to comply with the Disability Act by returning home and having qualified nursing care. My right to health. I am now hospitalized at the Santa Catalina Neurorehabilitation Clinic. The doctors granted me my discharge to continue hospitalization at home, with constant nursing care that allowed daily contact with my children, as their absence depressed me and worsened the diagnosis.

ALS is a progressive neuromuscular disease, there is no cure, but there are currently many treatments that allow for a better quality of life. Being able to continue to be at home in the hospital would improve my quality of life by maintaining a stable bond with my children. Swiss Medical refuses to take charge of the permanent home care service, which is why I cannot leave the Santa Catalina Clinic, although the Disability Law 24.901 obliges them to cover my needs completely. I ask you to join me in sharing and signing this petition for SWISS MEDICAL to comply with the Disability Act, allowing me to return home with qualified nursing care and see my children daily. Thank you very much! At present, although donation is legal with the required permit, people are afraid to go to hospitals or sanatoriums, and the number of donors has decreased by 80%. “At Swiss Medical, we want to assure you that voluntary blood donation facilities are separated from clinics and sanatoriums, so that you have no contact with patients and that the staff who will care for them are exclusive to the blood bank,” confirmed Dr. Stuart. Susana Anhel, Head of Biochemistry at the Swiss Medical Foundation. Read© the full note ð lnkd.in/easjcne Hello everyone.

My name is Romina. I have a daughter named Julieta. A year and a half. His diagnosis is an allergy to milk and egg proteins. This is a girl who has been hospitalized several times since birth until she was diagnosed. He suffered repeated bronchospamos and was hospitalized with pneumonia. He has compromised one of the barriers of his defense between values and his weight. Nevertheless, she is a happy girl.

As a mother, I constantly strive to be able to cook suitable things and vary her menu. Since, like many things, you cannot eat, we represent weight stagnation. We suffer from it. And we fought at the same time. Today, Swiss Medical has come to the conclusion that Julia must do without her milk. So I stop dealing with them in their entirety. From 10 milks I consumed per month. They only allowed us 5. Whereas milk is used not only for drinking, but also for cooking.

Leave them helpless. And abandon a person. Violation of their rights as children and rejection of mandatory law for its application. I have the support of the Superintendence of Health, which they still do not hear. And I have the strength to fight for what my daughter needs. This means that a can of milk that lasts 4 to 5 days costs 980 pesos. Impossible to achieve. We tried to perform 3 challenges negatively, because your digestive system can`t even absorb the traces. They therefore deny what 5 professionals advocate. In addition to the fact that hospitalizations were in her clinic and maternity ward. Submit all .documentacion files earlier this month and can`t find a solution yet.

And as I said earlier, abandoning a minor in his treatment. I am simply asking you to sign my petition so that Julieta`s case is everywhere. Today, we are. Tomorrow, you could be. Please help us spread the word. Julieta and I thank you Agustina Kottler my daughter is 8 years old has Down syndrome. At the end of last year, he was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and in Buenos Aires, a doctor who offers prepaid drugs, of which we are affiliated with swiss Medical, discovered that his main obstruction problem was the tongue before the attending physician was officially insured and referred in the province of Tucumán, where we live. We had the denial of the same thing, so we filed a lawsuit that favored the precautionary measure to approve my daughter`s operation by the federal courts.