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Significado Da Musica New Rules

The commercial success of the song was attributed to the popularity of its music video. In the UK, “New Rules” debuted on 14 July 2017 at number 75 on the UK Singles Chart. In the week of August 4, it reached number nine and became his third top ten result after “No Lie” and “Be the One”. Two weeks later, it became Lipa`s first song to reach number one in the UK. It was also the first song in nearly two years by a female solo artist to reach the top of the charts after Adele`s “Hello” in 2015. It remained number one the following week, receiving silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) on 25 August 2017. In Ireland, it also topped the singles charts for four non-consecutive weeks. En los Países Bajos, alcanzó el número uno tanto en las listas de los 40 mejores como de los 100 mejores en la semana que terminó el 16 de septiembre de 2017. « New Rules » hat alcanzado su punto máximo entre los diez primeros en Finlandia, Germany, Norway y Suecia. The translation wasn`t literal, so you know what it really meant in each excerpt.

Literal translations often empty the meaning of the sentence and do not allow the reader to clarify what is being said, because a faithful translation conveys the original meaning of the text to the reader. For example, in the phrase “I have new rules, I count them” in literal translation would be “I have new rules, I count them”, but this translation limits the reader`s understanding. If she says that I do not know her, it means that she knows all the rules one by one, that is, she knows them by heart. I have new rules, I intend `emI have new rules, I intend to `emI have to tell myselfI have new rules, I intend `emI have to tell me The music video for “New Rules” received many positive reviews from critics who praised its themes of women`s empowerment. As of September 2017, it had received more than 1.1 billion views on YouTube. Aliza Abarbanel of Refinery29 commented on the photo: “`New Rules` and all the epic costumes in it perfectly embody the joy of female friendship – and the joy of dressing together.” Claire Valentine of Paper Magazine called it “Lipa`s strongest video yet.” Nylon`s Hafeezah Nazim called it a “visual force,” while New Statesman writer Anna Leszkiewicz described it as a “colorful and heavily choreographed video,” calling it one of the best music videos released in July 2017. Alessia Scappaticci of The Loop praised the visual themes of self-esteem, diversity and friendship, adding that it “certainly deserves all the positive attention it receives.” T.L. Stanley of Adweek noted that the women in the plot “stand together and reflect a current trend in pop culture and entertainment that shows that women support each other (fights between women are so much yesterday).” Practice makes perfectI`m always trying to memorize it(I have new periods, I count them)Eat, sleep and breatheRepeat and repeat because I (I became new, I became new, I became new) “IDGAF” é outro hino de Dua Lipa que conquistou as principais parada musicais e as baladas do mundo todo. Com uma sonoridade semelhante à de « New Rules », mas com um tema totalmente diferente, a britânica aborda a superação nessa canção. The music video was directed by Henry Scholfield, who also directed Lipa`s previous music video, “Lost in Your Light”. The singer invited Scholfield for a cup of tea in London to discuss her ideas for the music video. Lipa had recorded a photo of model Naomi Campbell holding another woman on her back during a campaign in the 1980s as a “reference point” and explained, “I liked the idea of girls taking care of each other, with a sense of humility, that sense of strength.” Lipa also came up with the idea of including a group of flamingos in the music video, as she thought they were a good representation of female friendship.

The director contacted Teresa Barcelo to choreograph the choreography of the choreography, which would imprint a “narrative of unity and empowerment”. Barcelo was also inspired by flamenco movements when planning the choreography. More than 200 women auditioned for the video, eight were selected. The music video also received positive reviews from artists such as Lorde, Charli XCX and Tegan & Sara via their respective Twitter accounts. On July 12, 2017, Lipa thanked her fans for their visual popularity and recommended using the hashtag #DUASNEWRULES when uploading trackart to include them in a compilation video. The next day, filmmaker Jake Wilson posted a gay parody of the clip with the hashtag, which caught the attention of some blogs and the artist herself. On August 4, 2017, the singer released the video compilation with covers and parodies of the song and music video on her YouTube account. Owen Myers of The Fader praised the themes of female empowerment in the music video and commented on their importance to Lipa`s career: “The release of New Rules gave Lipa something else she had previously lacked: credibility. She has often spoken about her feminist beliefs in interviews and is proud of her involvement in all aspects of her music. The music video for the song was directed by Henry Scholfield and premiered on July 7, 2017 via the singer`s YouTube account.