Mindel Scott

Shaw Academy Legal Action

Unless otherwise required by mandatory law of your jurisdiction, our contract with you (and any non-contractual dispute/claim arising out of or in connection with it) shall be governed by the laws of Ireland, without regard to choice of choice or conflict of law rules, and you may bring legal action with respect to the Products in the Irish courts. In a full defence, the directors deny much of the claim. They also argue that Columbia`s action is, among other things, an abuse of process and an attempt to circumvent the consequences of the April 2019 survival plan and cancel the debt. I think many students have encountered a lot of difficulties since Shawacademy redesigned the layout and facilities of their website structure. A few years ago when I paid for a lifetime membership via gogroopie, everything was brilliantly presented, you could easily add people/family from the top bar, the course material was actually live and not pre-recorded, except for an additional video on demand. You can easily navigate to the progress of the course you have taken and see the certificates you have earned. I took a few courses here on shawacademy a few years ago and received the PDF certificates, but at that time I was only managing a few printed copies and was dropped and received. About 2 years ago, they organized a promotion where you could, after paying a one-time fee; was able to obtain so many paper certificates to complete courses. So enjoy, pay. It was about £29 or something like that. So I went back to my account to get the printed copies of the courses I hadn`t received. Could you, I could.? Since I changed the format of the site, they deleted all the progress I had made, but I only signed up for the course. To retrieve printed copies.

I have to start the course again and then retake the exams. (which I had already done before they changed the system!) A few years ago, classes were held on Wednesdays and Fridays and were live and in case you missed it, the recording video was available for up to a year and if you encountered any technical difficulties, you could contact someone directly, either by chat with customer service or by email. The emails were responded to promptly. Then everything changed – I think I`m making the business more profitable and, of course, a lot of problems for everyone. Once the toolkit is activated in your account, it will be made available to you for download immediately, so it cannot be disabled or access revoked. Therefore, we cannot process the refund. Click [Here] www shawacademy com/terms to read them specifically in section 5.8. I will contact my local police station and continue to crack down on fraud if PayPal or they don`t refund the money!! AVOID THESE SCAMMERS AT ALL COSTS!!!!! On May 26, 2021, I signed up for a free trial as advertised on Facebook and Instagram, including their website. The next day I got a call from one of their agents, he pretended to be my mentor and told me he would guide me through the course, but he never mentioned anything about the cost. He also promised to send me an email that I never received. After the call, I was charged R2,198.99. I immediately called back the line +27 11 019 0060, but no answer.

After trying to reach an agent several times, I immediately emailed Shaw Academy support with screenshots proving that I had been charged on a free trial that I hadn`t even started yet. I emailed the support team in the last 6 days, canceled the subscription, and asked them to delete my account. I asked them to pay me something back. They decided to rob me because they no longer respond to my emails. ISN`T IT!!!! If the Services you have ordered are a one-time purchase of Digital Content, we will make the Digital Content available for you for download as soon as we accept your order. For most services, you have the right to change your mind within 14 days and get a refund. You acknowledge that you do not have the right to change your mind about the one-time purchase of Digital Content if we have provided you with access to the relevant Digital Content or have begun to do so. I had the same experience as many above: payment without notice and after cancellation, I had to call abroad (during business hours) to complete my cancellation. The cancellation process takes 8 pages of marketing, by the way. Many emails asking for a refund (I blocked future billing via PayPal). Under his last reaction (how I want to use his product again…): “Thank you for contacting us.

I had signed up for the FREE TRIAL at Shaw Academy for 4 weeks, but after not using any of their services, I noticed a few days ago that £49.99 had been raised twice (who knows, it could be more, I`ll find out with the scammers myself). Anyway, after seeing such a large amount of money pass from my account to Shaw Academy, I decided to email it immediately like anyone would. Once it was explained to me that I was using absolutely nothing from their service and that they were charging me that it was completely out of order – the assistant named Paddie had initially told me that he could not do anything as it would violate their terms and conditions; GUYS, don`t fall for it when trying to have legal conversations – any situation is cumbersome and the company should refund you if a service isn`t used by you, ESPECIALLY because I didn`t know I would be charged every month. When I sent another email asking for a refund, this “Paddie” told me that he had escalated my problem further and I will receive an email in 1-2 working days. LIES. It`s been over 2 business days and now Shaw Academy is completely ignoring me – they`ll do it in the hope you`ll stop chasing your money. I WILL NOT STOP. I will make sure that ALL my money comes back to me because the level of careless behavior towards their customers is absolutely disgusting. Shaw Academy is a scam and all they want to do is take large sums of money from your account without you knowing.