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. Family law lawyers deal with a variety of issues such as marriage, civil partnerships, cohabitation, separation, divorce, financial claims, and pre- and post-nuptial arrangements. We are proud to be a leader in the business world. In addition to seminars for local businesses, we participate in a number of panels. This is an exciting opportunity for Trainee Solicitors to work in our vibrant St. Albans office, with our team of dedicated and talented professionals. All our vacancies are subject to a satisfactory result in a disclosure and blocking service audit. SA Law actively promotes equal opportunity for all with the right mix of talents, skills and potential, and welcomes applications from a variety of applicants, including those with criminal records. Please click here for our candidates with a criminal record policy. Commercial real estate lawyers work on a variety of transactions, including offices, commercial developments, and infrastructure projects. Business lawyers focus on trade, from trade agreements to sourcing, manufacturing and distribution to identifying the best routes to market. Below is a list of professional fields associated with economics and management sciences, as well as a description, possible job titles and work environments.

Click on the career field to learn more about the field, possible job titles, and work environments. In addition, we give you an indication of the occupations that will be most in demand in 2020 according to the National List of High Demand Occupations. These professions are characterized as follows: Corporate finance lawyers advise companies on all aspects of buying and selling entire businesses or business assets. If you`re enthusiastic, ambitious, and committed to providing exceptional customer service, we`d love to hear from you. Keep in mind that this information is a start for you to explore options related to specific career areas – you`ll need to broaden your research as you pursue your education. Download the career research document to learn more about how to find information about your career choice. Right (main motivation: to serve and protect society) Moderate demand (recovery from the effects of Covid-19 within a moderate timeframe, or labour demand is expected to be ambiguously affected by Covid-19 in industry, or labour demand is not expected to change due to the impact of COVID-19) Contact Kelly Pike, to ask a question or learn more about one of our recruitment opportunities. Criminal justice, criminal justice and security include corrections, criminology, forensics, police science and security management. Declining demand (these occupations are likely to recover slowly from the effects of Covid-19 or show signs of declining labour demand due to Covid-19) SA Law`s social and community responsibility program is not a “fact in sight”. We are a dynamic law firm that regularly recruits legal and other professional positions for our St.

Albans and London offices. Keep an eye on our bulletin board below for new opportunities and relevant information on how we recruit new team members. Labor lawyers work in all areas of employment law, including discrimination, staff restructuring, and whistleblowing issues. If you need help or have feedback about this service, call us on 02 9559 3030 or email customer service. Private Client Solicitors handles the affairs of individual clients and fiduciaries and manages all aspects of their personal assets. The application starts here Step 1 What is ODeL and Unisa for you? Step 2 Are you sure about your career? Step 3 Choose or find your qualification Step 4 Application Step 5 Application Results Read the following statements and select those that apply to you. The more statements you choose that apply to you, the higher your interest in this area. Commercial disputes include the resolution of corporate and commercial disputes. SA Law is a medium-sized law firm with a strong family feeling. Our culture is professional and customer-oriented, but with a strong focus on collegial relationships, friendship and fun.

We offer all our employees a competitive salary and benefits. and a work environment and structure that encourages everyone to maximize their potential. Visit the National Career Portal for more information on these occupations. Careers in law focus on applying the principles and procedures established by legislation. The field of law is diverse and could include specializations in various areas such as commercial law, criminal law and private law. Within each of these areas, there are many different sub-specializations, such as property transfer, entertainment law, labor law, immigration law, intellectual property law, e-commerce law, family law, and environmental law. There are additional requirements for admission as a lawyer and solicitor.