Mindel Scott

Reject Definition

His Mormon faith was not a reason to reject his candidacy, he argued. She tested thousands of molecules in high-speed automated experiments, ripped one of the compounds out of the rejection column, and integrated it into the group that deserved further study. The court rejected the argument and found the accused not guilty. Again, a customer cannot accept part of an agent`s action and reject the rest. To reject, to reject, to reject, to reject, to disdain, is to turn away by not accepting, not receiving or not considering. Rejection often means polite rejection, especially of offers or invitations. Rejection of the nomination by one`s party suggests more positivity or ingratitude and often involves rejection of something that is requested. The refusal to lend them the money that is rejected implies a binding refusal by sending or throwing away. Rejection of the manuscript as unpublishable implies rejection or refusal as false, unauthorized or unworthy of acceptance. Young people who reject their parents` values reject contempt or contempt in rejection or rejection. “I firmly and wholeheartedly reject the allegations,” Hawking said from a Cambridge hospital. Then I glanced at the second book and miserably added it to the pile of scrap metal. When she was eager to get the best, she refused the donation of money and claimed her dowry rights.

If you use it wisely, it may be Ulysses` Hauberk; if you refuse, Nessus` shirt was a cooler scarf! Local universities now reject up to 15,000 students a year. And I was wondering how you fight this impulse to reject youth? No man would reject God`s words if he knew that God spoke those words. I angrily reject the authority that exists without my respect. As Assaf said, “It`s a way of rejecting extremism and making sure people don`t fear.” The verb reject has several nuances of meaning. Rejection can mean refusing to accept or accept something. If you don`t believe aliens live on Earth, reject the idea – you just don`t believe it. Rejection can also mean treating someone with contempt: “My former best friend rejected me to spend time with a different audience, but I made new friends with whom I had more in common.” He had rejected his daughter because she had married a Christian woman. The early stages of great grief refuse comfort, but they yearn for compassion with intense longing. If you reject something, exclude it or reject it. If you`re trying to pick a fancy restaurant for your birthday, you`ll probably turn down the dinner you went to yesterday.