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Rage Requirements

It`s possible that some mods or configuration file hacks will further reduce system requirements, although I`m sure that with optional 10% resolution scaling, almost any PC can get Rage 2 up and running. This may sound terrible (640×480 and 10% FTW scaling (opens in new tab)), but 1280×720 with 33% scaling (opens in new tab) might just be the bad low-resolution indie gaming experience you`ve craved. (Probably not, although 1080p is surprisingly tolerable at 33% (opens in a new tab).) The best way to ensure a smooth experience and playable FPS is to have a computer that passes the recommended system configuration test for RAGE 2. Bethesda made an absolutely stunning game, but it requires a battle station of epic proportions to meet the recommended system requirements. An Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X processor is the recommended processor, which is even higher than the average need for VR gaming. While this may be intimidating for some PC gamers, it can be considered a boon for PC gaming enthusiasts. With these kinds of system requirements, the graphical representation of the carnage in RAGE 2 will be something to remember. Alternatively, a 3440×1440 ultra-wide monitor with an RTX 2070 or higher should still reach 60fps even in ultra quality. 4K may look very good, but the GPU requirements in most games often put it out of reach. The minimum and recommended system requirements for PC gamers have been posted on Bethesda`s help pages and are as follows: RAGE 2 will be released on May 14, 2019, so make sure your computer is ready to meet the system requirements. Race through the rugged desert in gyrocopters and other post-apocalyptic vehicles. Get those 50GB ready for furious action in RAGE 2! Starting with Intel, the only processor that`s even close to running out of speed is the i3-8100, and minimum frames per second are still well above 60.

The Core i3 is still a bit low at minimum fps at 1080p medium, but at 1080p ultra, the gap between the overclocked i7-8700K and the i3-8100 is only 2% on average fps and 6% at minimum fps. 1440p and 4K are essentially linked independently of the processor. Rage 2 is out and offers fast-paced action with vehicle battles – read our Rage 2 review if you want to know more about the game. I`m here to talk about performance, and there`s a lot to report. I tested Rage 2 on my usual full suite of graphics cards and processors – 26 GPUs and 8 CPUs to be exact. I will also discuss system requirements, all settings, and other important features. Bethesda has shared the official system requirements for its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter “Rage 2,” and they`re pretty challenging. At the other end of the spectrum, the RTX 2080 Ti can still exceed averages of 144 frames per second, while the 2080 and Radeon VII are just a little below that mark. Radeon VII also beats the RTX 2080 by a hair, which is usually not the case.

However, a 144Hz G-Sync from FreeSync Display can smooth out any dips, which is why these gaming monitors are currently the best overall solution. Since Rage 2 doesn`t have its own reference tool, all the reference data was saved during the game, especially when walking around the town of Gunbarrel. It`s a no-combat zone, but I`ve also done limited testing in several other areas, including driving in the wilderness and fighting through one of the largest Goon Squad colonies (Doomsayer Peak). The problem is that the driving is relatively boring (IMO), and while the combat is good, it`s also much more variable. The minimum fps were slightly lower in my Goon Squad test, but the average fps were about the same. To make testing easier, I stayed with Gunbarrel. Bethesda announced the official requirements for the system in early May, and they are far from easy to meet. They are significantly higher than other triple-A titles that have already been released or will be released in 2019, such as SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE and World War Z.

The minimum graphics card you`ll need to run RAGE 2 is a GeForce GTX 780 or Radeon R9 280. These cards are considered (or were) to be almost top-notch for their respective generations and are still relevant in terms of performance comparable to today`s graphics cards. In other words, if you meet this graphics requirement, you`re well on your way to meeting over 90% of the graphics requirements of all games. That being said, the game`s system requirements, as revealed today on Bethesda`s blog, seem pretty manageable. Given the recommended requirements, a beefy PC will be to fully enjoy the game. It will also be on consoles for those whose slots may not be up to date. When I play Rage, there are no textures can you please help The official system requirements of Rage 2 (opens in a new tab) are quite reasonable, although the target performance is not mentioned. Here`s what Bethesda says as minimum and recommended hardware: 1080p Ultra isn`t a huge jump in image quality, but it`s enough to push some cards below the 60fps threshold.

The RX 580 8GB and GTX 1060 6GB average 60fps, but you`ll need at least one GTX 1660/RX 590 if you want to keep minimum values above 60. The GTX 1050 and RX 560 sometimes drop below 30fps, and I`d recommend lowering the resolution or settings a bit to avoid that as the game engine slows below 30fps. For integrated graphics, Intel`s HD Graphics 630 really struggle and only get 25.6fps at 720p. With a resolution of 50% (640×360 scaling), it becomes playable, but also looks quite clunky. AMD`s Vega 11 graphics, by comparison, average 28fps at 1080p or 54fps at 720p without resolution scaling, making it a much better experience. What settings and FPS for my laptop AMD A10-4600M 2.3GHz Radeon HD 7660g (built-in) 6GB RAM 750 HDD “Rage 2” is a first-person shooter in which players take control of a ranger named Walker who is tasked with exploring the game`s neon-colored post-apocalyptic world. It takes place 30 years after the original game and will feature new and existing characters. Depth of Field: Blurs distant objects, usually in cutscenes or when aiming at a weapon. Disable this 1% performance improvement (although it may make a bigger difference in these cases). Finally, let`s talk about laptop performance.

We`ve updated our laptop tests to use the latest MSI models that come with GeForce RTX cards. Rage 2 can stay above 60fps on all three laptops, even at 1080p ultra. And since none of the laptops come with a higher resolution screen, that`s all you really need. The game seems to be quite poorly optimized, as it can only run at the lowest settings of 38 fps and it is borderline unplayable without playing with the steam start options. Once you let it work the way you want it to, it`s a lot of fun, but keep in mind that it doesn`t work very well, even though I have all the 1440p ultra golden ticks require a fast graphics card for 60fps – at least one GTX 1070 Ti or RX Vega 56. If you also want to keep minimum values above 60, only the RTX 2070 and above is sufficient. Rage 2 may run well on mid-range hardware, but budget GPUs in particular will have some issues. I don`t expect maximum image quality at 1080p unless I have at least one GTX 1070 or better. For budget cards like a GTX 1050 or RX 560 (or older GTX 760 and R9 370), you`ll probably want to lower the resolution or use resolution scaling to stay closer to 60fps. With the switch to RTX-equipped laptops, I also came across the interesting and somewhat annoying phenomenon that the RTX 2070 Max-Q essentially matches the RTX 2060. In fact, the RTX 2060 is even slightly ahead in the low and medium tests.

This is probably because both GPUs are 80-90W parts, which is the limiting factor in the end. Meanwhile, 1080p Ultra puts a little more strain on memory bandwidth and the Max-Q 2070 squeaks in front. Rage 2 offers a decent selection of graphics settings for gaming, as well as four global presets. However, the High and Ultra presets are almost identical – Ultra only increments geometry details (level of detail, essentially) a notch, with a negligible drop in performance of 1-2%. So I skipped additional tests at 1080p high. What`s more remarkable is that even with minimal quality, performance only improves by about 50%. Despite 14 advanced settings that need to be optimized, most do very little for performance or image quality. Here is a complete overview. Based on id`s revolutionary id Tech 5 technology®, RAGE is an intense first-person shooter with fast-paced vehicle combat, a sprawling world to explore, and stunning graphics! Really buddy? My laptop isn`t as good as yours, but I can run this game perfectly. Here`s the type of CPU and GPU you`ll need to get Rage 2 running at 60fps or even 144fps. Reinstall the game from Steam, it usually works. If you have a retail copy, do it normally.

SSAO: The largest element used to improve performance, decreasing SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), also tends to result in a very significant drop in image quality.