Mindel Scott

Quicken Legal Business Pro

Find out if your business idea will make money, find potential sources of funding, create cash flow and profit and loss forecasts, determine your assets, liabilities and net worth, create a marketing and staffing plan, and present a comprehensive plan to potential investors. Identify the best loan prospects with a bank or dependents, understand the legal and tax issues of borrowing from family and friends, determine the best structure for each loan, design a loan application letter, get advice on the best way to apply for a loan, Protect your lenders and process necessary documents, such as promissory notes. You don`t need a lawyer to start and run a business – most legal work simply requires reliable information and the right legal forms. Quicken Legal Business Pro gives you everything you need to get the job done. With over 100 legal forms, you have access to the documents you need, when you need them. You can also take notes, add bookmarks, and read real-life examples of situations you`re likely to face. Identify IRS-allowed deductions, write off long-term business assets, maximize pension funds, and minimize the likelihood of an audit. Hire employees, develop reasonable human resources policies, supervise independent contractors, communicate effectively with employees, minimize the likelihood of employee lawsuits, and legally terminate employees if necessary. Choose the best structure for your business, obtain licenses and permits, buy or sell a franchise, file the required documents and minimize the likelihood of litigation. Find out if your business idea will make money and present a comprehensive plan to potential investors. Quicken Legal Business Pro combines these six Nolo bestsellers into one easy-to-use software.