Mindel Scott

Qual a Palavra Que Rima Com Legal

These are Oxytos words, without all words having to be stressed by l. These are oxytonic words when the last syllable of the word is the tonic syllable. Example: adjective gal referring to the laws of the courts; Established, defined, legally authorized or originating: legal tender. [Informal] Beautiful, friendly, interesting, funny; It positively qualifies different things or people: the show was cool. [Informal] This is no problem: the work is legal, adverb In a good, pleasant and pleasant way: the work remains legal. Etymology (origin of the word legal). From the Latin legalis.e; lex.legis. In accordance with law or law; Legal; legitimate. Conceptual area [?]: See also the word legal in the conceptual areas below It is the first and only online rhyme dictionary that collects words by the sound of their endings rather than by spelling. It was developed by specialized linguists and takes into account the phonetics of words to summarize them. This dictionary also brings some innovations: it highlights rich rhymes and poor rhymes; rhymes words, phrases and expressions; And rhymed words are always collected, first according to their meaning. People who are good at making excuses are rarely good at anything else. Legal is synonymous with: legitimate, lawful, permitted, established, sanctioned Non-existent in this world, e.g., being talented, exceptionally good.

amal, aral, areal, astral, baal, banal, bimal, mundstück, boreal, brutal, oral, canal, candeal, cardinal, carnal, cassal, cedral, central, postal code, jackal, chantal, chaval, chital, cocal, conchal, coral, cushion, crystal, corral, thimble, dental, unfair, ebal, eflal, grass, fatal, fetal, final, fiskal, floral, floreal, formal, frontal, frugal, frugal, fructous, central, futsal, gaal, galal, gamal, gebal, general, Gestal, Gilgal, Global, Herval, Ideal, Igal, Igeal, Jabal, Jabal, Jigeal, Zeitung, Jubal, Jucal, Kajal, Kcal, Kristal,.