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Pursuant Hereto Legal Definition

Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of other definitions and an advanced search – ad-free! Any person whose interests are materially affected by actions taken by the Secretary or the Ministry under this Chapter may appeal to the Environmental Complaints Board in accordance with section 6007 of this Title within 20 days after notification of the decision. Such proceedings shall be governed by Articles 6008 and 6009 of this Title. The Secretary`s decision to refuse permission in a case involving State-owned underwater land is not subject to appeal. (a) Every applicant for a lease, permit or grant under this chapter shall submit to the Secretary an application detailing the nature of the lease, permit or grant sought, indicating the location of the site and specifying the specifications of each proposed work. (a) Under this chapter, the Secretary has exclusive jurisdiction and authority over all plans for the transfer of a simple or lesser royalty or the granting of easements on subordinate lands owned by the Crown. All jurisdiction and authority to transfer costs at simple or lower interest or to grant easements on subordinate lands in respect of which gifts have been or may be made belong to the Secretary. All leases for bivalve molluscs shall be concluded in accordance with Chapter 19 of this Title. (g) This Chapter does not apply to subordinate archaeological resources, unmarked human burials, and remains of human skeletons regulated by the Department of State, Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs in accordance with Chapters 53 and 54 of this Title. To do an act in accordance with the law is to comply with the requirements of a law. As a result, it looks a bit like the lawsuit and has a related meaning in the sense of “following” – but in this case, it is an agreement or judgment that you follow. As a result, comes the French word persecutor, which means “to follow with hostile intent.” Over time, the word has lost its sense of hostility – unless you`re angry when the lawyer tells you that according to the investment policy, you can`t withdraw all your money and flee to Paris. (c) The Secretary may waive any provision of regulations made under this chapter where warranted by the following circumstances: The Secretary has the power to issue an order to any person who contravenes a rule or regulation or who permits a condition or condition of tenancy or a provision of this chapter; to abstain and abstain from such a violation. Any injunction issued under this section expires: “under” may be the most general alternative.

It is a more common word and has a number of meanings that correspond to the many meanings of “according to”. For example, in Osman v. Callander (1986), 48 Sask.R. 23 (QB) with 24, the judge stated: See the full definition of according to in the English Language Learners Dictionary (b) The Secretary shall establish annually a fee schedule for permits granted under this section and submit it as part of the department`s annual operating budget proposal. The term “in accordance with” is used in legal drafting to link a provision to another provision or fact. Although it is used in legal writing and in the legal community, it is not used in ordinary language or writing. It is also sometimes ambiguous because it has a number of different meanings. For these reasons, legal counsel should use a different, more common and, where there is a risk of ambiguity, more precise word or expression.

What made you look up? Please let us know where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Pursuant is primarily used in the legal sense to say that something is compatible with a particular law, decision or motion. The word “to” follows. So you could say, “At the judge`s request, we will provide additional testimony.” Submarine areas within the boundaries of Delaware represent an important resource of the state and must be protected from uses or alterations that may adversely affect the public interest in the use of tidal or non-tidal waters. The purpose of this chapter is to authorize the Secretary to manage or dispose of public underwater lands and to establish reasonable limits on the use and development of private underwater lands in order to protect the public interest through orderly procedures for the granting of interests in public underwater lands and for the granting of permits for the use or alteration of private underwater lands. To that end, this chapter authorizes the Secretary to promulgate rules and regulations to achieve the objectives of the Chapter, to request the assistance of the courts in enforcing this Statute and the rules and regulations adopted thereunder, and to transfer interests in the underwater lands of the State. “According to the.”Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pursuant%20to. Retrieved 6 December 2020. (a) Any person who contravenes this chapter or any duly adopted rule or regulation, or any condition of an authorization granted under section 7205 of this title, or any order of the secretary, is liable to execution under section 6005 or section 6013, or both, of this title.

Unauthorized attempts to upload information and/or alter information to any portion of this website are strictly prohibited and liable to prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996 (see 18 U.S.C. §§ 1001 and 1030). The word “under” has many meanings – in many cases it refers to an inferior or submissive state, but it also denotes a reference or relationship to something else. (b) Where the notice is also used to announce a public hearing, it shall also indicate the time, date and place of the hearing, which must take place at least 20 days after the publication of the notice. (1) the zones below the average low tide line in the strata of all tidal waters within the boundaries of the State; This commentary also suggests that “under” is a broader term. “According to the” tends to refer to things that depend primarily or specifically on a related determination, while “under” also includes things that are simply related to them. (i) `tidal flats` means the areas between the middle high water mark and the middle low-water mark. These examples indicate not only that section 5 provides for the power to grant the licence, but also that it sets out rules governing or requiring the granting of the licence. (3) If the injunction is replaced by an injunction, whichever comes first. (b) “maintenance” means the measures necessary to restore a canal, bridge, culvert, rainwater basin or water control work to working order or to prevent the deterioration of its benefits. These measures must not alter the purpose, extent or capacity of the canal, bridge, culvert, rainwater basin or water control structure.

(b) Owners of private underwater land must obtain permission from the Ministry before they can use areas that contribute to the pollution of public waters, violate public rights, violate the rights of other private owners or establish links with public underwater areas.