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With larger pellets like the .25, the trajectory in an air rifle below 12 feet/lb is rather “buckled” and so it is best to use this caliber for FAC-rated air rifles or for rat shooting, where you shoot at a relatively short distance. The Greenstar BSA pellets in 4.5 mm / .177 weigh 6.64 grains and in 5.5 mm / .22 they weigh 12.96 grains. This is your typical bulging pellet, made from a tin alloy, making it lead-free and environmentally friendly. They are designed to mimic a standard air rifle bullet, but are always lighter due to the material used. In December 2018, two adult swans and their five swans died in agony after being riddled with air rifle bullets in Kent. Usually, you get what you pay for, but expensive pellets may not work in your air rifle. Walking on private land or on water where you do not have permission is an intrusion, and carrying an air rifle becomes an armed intrusion. Whether the gun is loaded or not, or whether you are carrying bullets, does not matter – armed trespassing is a serious crime with severe penalties. Greenstar BSAs are very beautiful pellets that show great consistency for weight and shape.

Again, I had better bands with the .22 caliber than with the .177, a trend that seems to exist with the unleaded ones. The best bands went to .22s with 0.65″ at 630 fps | 11.6 ft/lb – very healthy. The .177 was moving at 814 fps, but produced only 9.4 ft/lb of energy (light pellets) and 0.90″ groups. I had several groups of 4 shots of 0.75″, which were then spoiled by a plane. I tried the .22 Greenstar in another HW80 with similar results, as well as an Eliminator FAC that produced 24.5 ft/lb and 0.65″ groups. I think the extra power spread the skirt a little more to better activate the rifle? Air rifle bullets perfect for your particular weapon can tell the difference between hits and failures. So how can you decide? Read on and you`ll be in a good position to make the right purchase and make all the difference for your shoot. Here are the expert`s recommendations for the best air rifle bullets All birds are protected, and although there are seasons when you can legally shoot game and some wild birds, they are not a suitable quarry for air rifles. However, as long as you abide by gun law, you can shoot certain species of pest birds. These are covered by open general permits, which simply means that you can shoot the listed birds, as long as you have permission from the landowner and do so for one of the reasons allowed in the license. **REMEMBER: It`s illegal to have an air gun in a public place – so if you have an air gun in the trunk of your car, even if you`re traveling to/from a shooting range, you can`t stop and get out for some reason. Personally, I wouldn`t take my gun out of my suitcase, even if a policeman asked me to..!! So, which one should you choose? The only way to find out is through trial and error.

Don`t skimp on your research – air bales are pretty cheap and using the right one will make a big difference in your success rate. I want to take an Airgun 0.22 Streamline from the UK??? Is it legal and what documents do I need? Don`t let finding the perfect air balls become an obsession and prevent you from perfecting your shooting technique. Sure, the right lead for your air rifle can make all the difference, but even if you choose the right lead but still have a bad shooting technique, you`ll still miss your target. I used a control sample of good old FFT lead pellets in both sizes to give a comparison between lead pellets and lead-free pellets. It is illegal to sell an air rifle or ammunition to anyone under the age of 18. * The obvious thing you can do here is store your gun in a locked cabinet – this way you`re fully covered and within the law – but for an air rifle under 12 feet lbs, you don`t necessarily have to do that – only reasonable precautions. This may mean being out of sight and away from prying eyes and stored separately from the pellets. What the two have in common is that the weight for the size of each caliber is lighter than that of its guide piece. For example, FTT lead weighs 8.6 grains in .177 and 14.8 grains in .22, but only 5.6 grains in .177 and 9.4 grains in .22 for their lead-free equivalents. It`s true that you can get higher speeds with these lighter pellets, but speed isn`t everything, accuracy and consistency are. Interestingly, some of the lighter, lead-free pellets struggled to approach 31 ft/lb compared to standard lead pellets, with the exception of the heavier Baracuda Green as expected. I | some lead pellets Baracuda for comparison at 893fps 32.3 ft/lb and managed 0.451″ groups.

I also used lead FTTs at 944 fps| 28.5 ft/lb, which produced about 0.598″, 30 yards, 5-shot groups. As a final step, I would also keep the pellets and guns separate from each other – preferably in another room. You can see that the main version of the TTF stores more energy at 50 yards (5.5 ft/lb compared to 4.9 ft/lb). The FTT Green starts quickly at 741 fps, but that`s due to the 9.4 grain weight difference between the pellets. Although the green unleaded FTT had less energy at 50 yards because it started much faster, it shot flatter at -4.07 “at 50 yards, compared to the -6.54 lead FTT”. Plus, wind drift numbers show there`s not much to compare! However, I have noticed that leadless pellets in the field seem to drift more and more and fall more than the calculated results suggest, so I will test these pellets for BC values from different guns to verify them. It is perfectly acceptable and legal for anyone over the age of 14 to shoot unattended and on private land with an air rifle 6. The law does not distinguish between air rifles and more powerful weapons for which you need a license – they are all classified as firearms. This means that any crime you commit can be punished with a very heavy sentence, and there are at least 38 different crimes.