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Oregon Dash Cam Laws

Dashcams are legal in New Mexico, but you need to think carefully about where to install them. It is illegal to mount an opaque object on the windshield, on the passenger and driver`s side windows, and on the rear window, if this is used for visibility. We recommend that you install your dashcams on the dashboards of your vehicles. As long as the dashcam does not obstruct the driver`s view, there are no specific laws on the position of the device in Mississippi. The dashboard is the safest place. The same goes for radar detectors. Warn passengers using audio recording devices. Connecticut bans all dashboard cameras that obstruct the driver`s view, so climb onto the dashboard instead. All passengers must give their consent prior to audio recordings. New Mexico drivers can only install dashcams and radar detectors on the dashboard. Windshield-mounted devices obstruct the driver`s view.

Educate passengers about audio recording devices. However, you need to make sure that you are installing your cameras in the right place. Blocking your drivers` windshields is illegal, so we recommend installing your dashcams on dashboards. New Hampshire law prohibits drivers from attaching a forward-facing dashcam to the windshield of their car. However, there is an exception that allows the driver to use rearview cameras in addition to cameras inside the vehicle, so dashboard-mounted cameras are acceptable. Non-transparent materials are not allowed on the windshield, side fenders, side or rear windows of a vehicle in South Dakota. Drivers can mount dashcams on the dashboard of the car. It is also legal to record video while driving and record audio of people in the vehicle – with permission or notice. Although Louisiana law does not specifically mention dashcams, it does state that “no person may drive a motor vehicle with an object. attached to the windshield.

obstruct or reduce the driver`s unobstructed view through the windshield. This would mean that dashcams are allowed as long as they are placed on the dashboard and not on the windshield. Maryland has specific requirements for dashboard camera placement. Essentially, drivers can place dashboard cameras above the AS-1 line or higher than 5 inches below the top of the windshield. Drivers can also place a dashcam in a 7-inch square in the bottom corner of the windshield. Dashcams are legal in South Carolina, but they should be mounted on your drivers` dashboards, not on their windshields or windows. South Carolina law states that drivers must be able to see through any window “effortlessly,” so keep that in mind when placing your cameras. The dashboard cameras used in Idaho must not obstruct the driver`s view and must be limited to the dashboard. Radar detectors shall be subject to the same restrictions. Inform passengers of devices that record audio.

In Hawaii, dashcams are legal as long as you place them in the right place: New Mexico`s dash cam law states, “No person may drive a motor vehicle with . transparent material on or in the windscreen, the windows immediately to the right and left of the driver or in the rearmost glaze when used for driving vision. » Drivers should only install dashcams on the dashboard and not on the windshield. Florida state law does not prohibit the use of a dashboard camera, but it does make it clear that objects placed on windshields can obstruct the driver`s view. Using a dashcam doesn`t seem to lower your insurance premiums with one of the major providers in the U.S. right now. In Iowa, it`s legal to use dashcams, but there`s a (pretty vague) rule about where you can place them. New Hampshire bans dashboard cameras and radar detectors mounted on the windshield. The dashboard is a suitable alternative. Rearview cameras are allowed on the rear windshield.

The consent of all passengers must be obtained during the audio recording. When it comes to protecting your company`s reputation, protecting your drivers, and avoiding fines you don`t deserve, fleet dashcams are important pieces of equipment. But there is also a cloud of confusion around their legality: where can they be placed? Under what circumstances do they ignore data protection laws? And are they even legal? Dashcams can be considered an invasion of privacy if passengers disagree. This is especially true for devices that record audio inside the cabin. Always inform your passengers via the dashcam and ask for their consent. Many states have a fairly defined view of the use of dashcams. Windshield-mounted dashcams are prohibited in some states. Others have specific instructions in hopes of maintaining a clear line of sight for drivers. Some are vague and open to interpretation.

In Maine, dashcams can be mounted on windshields and dashboards as long as they don`t obstruct the driver`s view. This exception is important because it allows trucks to use dashcams without breaking the law. South Carolina state law makes dashboard cameras or radar detectors illegal. The dashboard is a trusted location for these devices. Inform passengers of audio recordings. The rule of thumb is: if your dashboard camera hides more than a 5-inch square on the driver`s side or a 7-inch square on the passenger side, you could cause disaster.