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Netflix India Legal Counsel

Chaudhari will be responsible for the Los Angeles-based legal team, which is also the headquarters of this international entertainment streaming giant. Former Snapdeal general counsel Ashish Chandra has joined streaming service Netflix India as general counsel after briefly serving as vice president and chief counsel of Malaysian media and entertainment company Astro Malaysia Holdings, Bar & Bench first reported. Ashish Chandra, General Counsel of Netflix India, has joined WhatsApp as Associate General Counsel (GC) India, making him the messaging giant`s first in-house legal counsel in India. I think one of my strengths as a lawyer is not my legal knowledge. I think all of us as lawyers have that deep knowledge and some have a much better in-depth knowledge than I do, but it`s the way I integrate that legal knowledge into business and technology that has worked for me. It has become my niche in the way I bring law into business. What I learned there is that legal entities, especially in start-ups, are seen as a hindrance in business and are not really involved in all decision-making processes or were not involved at the time. So one of my biggest efforts has been to understand the business, understand the technology, and speak to each individual in their own language. So when I talk to the CEO, who was a product guy, I`m going to make sure I don`t explain to him what he can`t do or what laws would affect him, but I`ll go into more detail to give him a structure that might work for him. So I started to become more of a product advocate. I would make sure to be involved in transactions from day one. We thought about how we could structure the products, so I was doing presentations for him and I was saying, hey, we can do this, we can structure him like this, of course, do these legal opinions if he wants to read them. One of the most important things I`ve learned is that to be a good in-house lawyer, you need to know your business and technology inside and out and understand your stakeholders.

You should also make sure to explain to them in a language they understand. As the first lawyer in this position, Priyanka Chaudhari will investigate intellectual property, trademark and content issues in India for Netflix. In addition, she would manage and manage the collaboration of the company`s creative business and legal teams to achieve the goal of acquiring and advancing intellectual property. She would also lead the teams through production and sales. In addition to these responsibilities, she would act as an in-house cross-functional expert on all applicable IP laws in India, handling IP infringement cases at a pre-litigation stage, also developing and implementing production-related strategies for the distribution of Indian content, as well as advising on complex concessions and rights acquisition. [3] www.legaleraonline.com/deal-street/priyanka-chaudhari-balaji-telefilms-vice-president-legal-joins-netflix Sheetal Sawhney Kapur, who is an internal Google employee, joins Netflix`s growing internal team in India as Senior Counsel and Legal Director. I had a great time, and Google was looking for advice for their next billion-dollar user initiatives. For Google, they believe the next billion users will come from the Asian Apac market, and India has been one of their main hubs for that. I think PayU has been one of my most rewarding experiences. I think the first thing I learned there was helping companies understand the importance of compliance and the law. And at the same time build my own willingness to take risks.

If you come as an outside lawyer, you tend to have a slightly lower risk appetite than in-house counsel. In addition, I also acted as a data protection consultant for the regional consultant, who worked closely with the global team on these aspects. And we`ve created various other products, including YouTube subscription. I had a great time there, but for health reasons, I wanted to take a little break. There is a lot of spotlight on OTT, but it is not, there is no structured legal system. [2] cablequest.org/index.php/news/m-s-news/item/15483-priyanka-chaudhari-becomes-head-of-in-house-indian-ip-vertical-at-netflix During her time at Balaji, she served as Vice-President and Senior Legal Officer. His professional profile included managing and managing legal and regulatory affairs, as well as managing OTT and television services, filming, documentaries, content operations, litigation and other regulatory matters. Thus, at Netflix, teams are divided into two parts. There`s a transaction and a technology, the core legal team that I lead, and then there`s a content acquisition team, which is separate. So what matters to me is the OTT platform. The business relationship, the technology, the product consulting and the process aspect.

I have a great team that does a great job. But the most important thing, I think, was to build the team, to learn how to structure and build a team. I encountered regulatory compliance, but at the same time, I was also involved in many business decisions, so I was part of the key management team that developed strategies for the company. I think it`s been a long journey from my beginnings as a manager at PayU to becoming VP and Chief Legal Officer and I think I`ve met a lot of wonderful people who have taught me the importance of business. Kartik Maheshwari, director of Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) in Mumbai, left the firm a few months ago and will soon join Netflix India`s legal team, according to sources. Priyanka Chaudhari, Vice President of Legal at Balaji Telefilms, joined Netflix Entertainment Services India LLP yesterday as General Counsel and Senior Counsel in the area of regional intellectual property. When I graduated from law school, I wanted to immerse myself in human rights and, with that in mind, I did my master`s degree in public and international law. However, being married in a corporate family. I decided to take my first job in India after being born and raised in Canada and returning there, writing as a lawyer and working with Fasken. But upon returning to India, I started my career at Jyoti Sagar & Associates in their private equity and M&A team. I will break down my discussions into ideas that I have received from each of my organizations. Here, I think some of the most important things I did were: learning a whole new technology, learning new shortcuts I had no idea about.

I`m very familiar with the payment side of things, but understanding the jargon of the OTT world has been a lot of fun, learning different types of technology and integration there, leading to great partnerships. One of them was launched recently as a great partnership with Jio. RBI comes with strict laws in this regard, where they said merchants won`t be able to store cards in files. You also mentioned that payment aggregators cannot do this. This can be a major direct disruption to the continuous flow that consumers are used to. While consumers worry about their data, they are also too lazy to complete a five-page transaction or enter their data every time. So I think there`s a balance to be found, and that`s what we`re trying to do with different industry forums and hopefully we`ll also have the chance to work with RBI to determine how we can create a risk-based framework where we can ensure the security of the transaction without disrupting the industry as a whole. That`s one of the things I`m working on right now, but rest assured that your data is safe. Be humble.

Keep learning. Never stop learning and never think you`re too big for your shoes. And I thought, when I started payments, that it was in this initial phase that the regulations were being developed. And right now, OTT is in a similar place where they are.