Mindel Scott

Native American 7 Sacred Laws

The turtle carries the truth within itself. Truth symbolizes law and principles. Since the beginning of time, the turtle has not changed. The turtle was chosen to be the bearer of the truth, and the fundamental truth of the laws of nature has not changed. The turtle was able to adapt to changes without changing; This is how he represents the truth. It also represents time. Its shell has thirteen large plates symbolizing the thirteen moons in one year. “I am the spirit of buffaloes. I bring you the law of respect. I will go with you to teach you this law. Respect is a matter of giving and sharing, one of the greatest secrets of a good life. I will give you every part of my physical being to provide you with food, clothing, and every part of me that you can use in your life. Use my skin for the sacred drum you will hold to carry your hopes and prayers.

7.) Dabasendizovin (humility) • Humility is represented by the wolf. This teaching makes it clear that you are a sacred part of creation and allows you to take pride with your people and praise the achievements of all. Humility will teach you to find balance within yourself for all creation. The first Europeans to meet natives in the Great Lakes region were the French voyageurs. [9] These men were professional paddlers who transported furs and other goods over long distances in the lake and river system of North America. [10] These explorers gave French names to many places in present-day Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The French were primarily trappers and traders, struggling to form prosperous settlements permanently in the harsh North American climate. [11] In general, Europeans relied heavily on Indian groups to survive in North America. [ref. needed] Indigenous knowledge is our way of life, deeply rooted in culture.

It is based on Indigenous natural laws and protocols that differ among Indigenous nations and cultures. It is important that we respect not only the knowledge itself, but also the source of that knowledge. One framework of principles that can help us share respectfully is the Principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP). It is also important to respectfully share Indigenous knowledge attributed to original guardians and shared only with their consent. According to Anishinaabeg culture, humility requires recognizing oneself as a sacred part of creation no better or worse than any other creation. [23] In Anishinaabemovin, this word can also mean “compassion.” [23] Some communities express this instead, such as Bekaadiziwin, which can be translated as “calm,” “gentleness,” “gentleness,” or “patience” in addition to “humility.” [23] The eagle, which represents love because it has the power to carry all the teachings. The eagle has the ability to fly higher and closer to the Creator and also has the sight to see all kinds of beings from a great distance. The doctrine of the love of the eagle can be found at the heart of all teachings, so an eagle feather is considered the greatest honor and sacred gift. To know love is to know peace. Look at your inner self from the perspective of all the teachings. It means knowing love and truly loving yourself.

Then you will be at peace with yourself, the balance of life, all things and also with the Creator. Humility is represented by the wolf. For the wolf, life is lived for his pack and the ultimate shame is being hunted. Humility means knowing that you are a sacred part of creation. Live life selflessly and not selfishly. Respect your place and take pride with your people and praise everyone`s achievements. Don`t be arrogant and complacent. Find balance in yourself and all living things.

The buffalo said, “I come to let you know that you must now serve your people. That`s what respect is – surrendering to people by applying the laws we bring you. The greatest gift you can give to your nation is to be an example and an example of the seven sacred laws. As custodians of our nations` knowledge, we carry the protocols of life close to earth. There are seven sacred laws that serve as the foundation of our relationship with the earth. Seven animals are the holders of these laws. It is animals that provide the laws to humans. The animal nation has been given the responsibility of the Creator to give us these teachings and to show us that we are part of nature. Finally, the grandmother`s turtle slowly walked towards the boy.

“Beautiful grandson,” she said, “I bring you the law of truth. You ask, what is truth? The truth is to obey all the laws brought to you by the spirits of the beastly grandfathers who came before me. We are spiritual grandfathers and grandmothers sitting around the fire of the Central Council, supervising all creation and providing spiritual help. Sometimes we will come to you in dreams or visions. Sometimes we give you strong feelings and put words in your head to talk. If you are able to walk on the seven holy laws, then you live and walk in the truth. “It`s a rite of passage that helps you become a man,” Grandpa replied. The time has come for you to go to earth, the true teacher of how to survive by learning the order and laws of creation. To help you understand who you are, you need to ask your ancestors your question and use the land and nature to teach you. All you need is tobacco, which you surround yourself with in a circle once you have found a place in the country, preferably in a sacred place that your ancestors left you. We have a special place called Manitou Api, which means “the place where the Great Spirit sat.” You will be alone for four days and four nights. You will fast without water and food. This will help you clear your mind and purify your body so that it is ready to receive and live your vision.

“Ich bin Sabe. Some people call me Bigfoot or Sasquatch. I bring you the law of honesty. When you live a good life, always be honest with yourself and those around you. To be honest, you speak from the heart. Be honest with who you are and whatever you say, but make sure your words show kindness to all creation.