Mindel Scott

Name for a Legal Expert

in the Magistrates` Courts in England and Wales, a qualified solicitor who assists non-legally qualified magistrates 1. Phrase noun Check your lease for sublease restrictions and consult a legal expert about your rights under a sublease. legally the act of qualifying as a lawyer, particularly as a barrister in the UK legally British used by a barrister (= senior lawyer) to appoint a lawyer to the court There is a fundamental difference between the work of a lawyer and that of a lawyer. [5] Many jurists and authors have argued that a person can be both a lawyer and a lawyer, but that a lawyer is not necessarily a lawyer, and a lawyer is not necessarily a lawyer. Both must be familiar with the term “law.” The lawyer`s job is the study, analysis and arrangement of the law – a task that can be carried out entirely in the isolation of the library. The lawyer`s job is the satisfaction of some people`s desires for legal assistance – work that, to some extent, requires dealing with people in the office, in the courtroom or in the market. Legal in England and Wales, a lawyer who completes his training by working with an experienced lawyer The term lawyer has a different, broader meaning, synonymous with lawyers, that is, anyone professionally involved in law and justice. [1] In other European languages, a word similar to the term jurist is used (e.g. Italian Giurista, German jurist, Norwegian/Danish/Swedish/Dutch jurist, French jurist, Spanish/Catalan/Portuguese jurist, Galician xurista, юрист, etc.) in this main sense. legally the position of a judge in a court of law A lawyer or jurisconsult (from medieval Latin) is a legal expert or someone who researches jurisprudence.

[1] Such a person may be a scholar (jurist), a legal drafter, a law professor, and a jurist (lawyer), depending on the legislation of the respective jurisdiction. Professionally, in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other Commonwealth countries, the word lawyer sometimes refers to a lawyer, while in the United States of America it often refers to a judge. [2] Legal a lawyer who gives legal advice to someone and represents them in court someone who has the legal authority to make an official document legal an official in a UK court who performs many functions in the courtroom someone with legal training whose job is to assist a lawyer in representing lawyers representing the U.S. government or a U.S. government, to legalise the state in criminal proceedings in England and Wales, a high-ranking member of one of the Inns of Court. The full name of a bench is Master of the Bench. legally the legal profession. When a person is called to the bar, he or she becomes a lawyer.

[4] in the United Kingdom, a lawyer made available free of charge to suspects who do not have their own lawyer; also known as a public defender a judge-like government official who works in the lower courts and can perform marriages at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, a newly trained lawyer who works temporarily as an assistant to a Supreme Court judge and takes on tasks such as researching and summarizing cases in certain countries, a prosecutor (= government lawyer) the highest judge in a court, particularly in the United States.