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List of Bvi Law Firms

The profile section contains a list of companies that have completed business profiles in The Legal 500. “I consider Carey Olsen to be one of the best companies in the British Virgin Islands and I stand out. I work with many law firms and what I love most about Carey Olsen is her personal touch. This provides an easy one-stop shop for business consultants and legal procurement departments to gather information about the companies they want to hire. Large offshore companies do not use the terminology of the “magic circle”. Edward Fennell, a legal columnist for The Times, has expressed gloomy views about law firms that describe themselves as part of an offshore circle of mages. [12] However, the concept of an offshore magic circle is actively promoted by legal recruitment consultants who hope to convince London lawyers to work in an offshore jurisdiction for a few years. [10] This list of Chambers included the same names as the list compiled by Legal Business in their 2008 Offshore Review article. In addition, Chambers explained that specialized offshore companies (e.g. Hassans), as good as they are, would not be included in this new Global – Offshore category. [14] At Harneys, the transaction team, led by mutual fund specialist Philip Graham, advises a wide range of clients on commercial and corporate matters, including financial institutions, public and private companies, private equity funds, family offices, high net worth individuals and start-ups.

In particular, the department is often responsible for mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions, downstream private equity investments and corporate restructurings. In the corporate and commercial sectors, the leading practitioners are George Weston, who is a prominent name in technology, real estate and hospitality, and Greg Boyd, whose workload consists mainly of cross-border corporate and financial transactions. Lawyer magazine compiles a list of the top twenty offshore law firms by number of partners, which is published annually in February. [15] The following table lists the offshore jurisdictions in which major offshore companies with multiple jurisdictions exercise law (as of March 2020). The table does not list “sales offices” where firms do not practice local law (they usually have offices in London, Zurich and/or other major onshore centres, but do not practice English or Swiss law). However, Ireland and Luxembourg are included in this table, as several companies in these two midshore jurisdictions have switched to exercising this right, particularly with regard to funds, when competing with large onshore companies such as Matheson. In its 2008 edition, the Chambers Law Directory recognised the trend towards specialised offshore firms with multiple jurisdictions and included a new ranking for global offshore specialist firms rather than jurisdictions. [13] This was probably the first “offshore magic circle” defined, although the repertoire did not use the term. “We negotiated with Ogier on the British Virgin Islands for a publicly traded US company.

The partner has in-depth knowledge of BVI law and practice as well as a very good knowledge of the requirements of the US market. Overall, we have efficient service from the company. “The hiring of Ellie Crespi as Managing Partner and Head of Corporate, Finance and Funds by Collas Crill was a real coup d`éclat. She literally wrote the book on commercial law of the British Virgin Islands, as co-editor of the Corporate and Banking sections of BVI Commercial Law (3rd and 4th editions). It is very positive for the judiciary to have a lawyer who has worked in Hong Kong for the better part of a decade to run one of the leading international offshore companies here. » Partners and Chiefs of Staff Explain How Their Firms Are Adapting to the Changing Needs of Their Clients * Carey Olsen was born from the merger of two firms of roughly equal size from Jersey and Guernsey. Mourant Ozannes was born from the merger of companies from Jersey, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands. These same companies are increasingly advising on the laws of onshore financial centres, particularly Ireland and Luxembourg. [1] The term is derived from London`s widely recognised “magic circle” of top law firms and is commonly used in the offshore legal industry. [2] [3] [4] [5] The term has also been used to describe the offshore legal industry in a more pejorative sense (e.g. when mainstream media reports offshore financial scandals such as the Paradise Papers,[6][7][8][9] and is therefore used or found more sparingly in major legal publications (e.g., Legal Business).

The Offshore Magic Circle is the group of the largest multi-jurisdictional law firms specializing in offshore financial centres, particularly the laws of the British Overseas Territories of Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, as well as the Crown Dependencies of Jersey and Guernsey. “Compared to other companies, CO employees respond quickly to all requests. Not only do they respond quickly, but they are constantly thorough and thoughtful, and are always willing to work together to find solutions to problems that arise from time to time. In short, they know how to listen and respond in a human way. I think these characteristics set them apart from other companies. In the wider legal community, it has been suggested that the label of “magic circle” for offshore companies should promote itself. Not only does the group proposed by Legal Business appear to be large (with nine firms as opposed to the five firms in London`s original magic circle), but it also appears to include a fairly high percentage of all specialist offshore law firms, including almost all major law firms in the Channel Islands. [11] Would you like to contribute to comparative guides or receive updates on new releases? Join our mailing list: There is no consensus on which companies belong to the offshore magic circle. A 2008 article in Legal Business (Issue 181, Offshore Review, February 2008) suggested a list repeated by others,[10] and is simply the top 10 offshore law firms, but excluding Gibraltar specialist Hassans.

[11] [a] “Brittany Cummings is very responsive and knowledgeable about corporate and securities issues.” “The Appleby team is always excellent. They provide advice and services internationally, which we believe can be challenging in smaller legal markets. Dentons` full-service office in the British Virgin Islands provides corporate and litigation services. Our transaction team has outstanding expertise and advises on complex and high-quality cross-border transactions in banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and joint ventures, corporate restructurings and regulatory affairs. Our offshore corporate lawyers also work closely with fiduciary and corporate service providers to provide innovative and personalized business services to our clients. Co-led by Matthew Cowman and Omonike Robinson-Pickering, who was promoted to partner in 2020, Walkers BVI assists a wide range of multinational clients from Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America with complex cross-border transactions spanning the full spectrum of corporate law. In particular, the department leads public and private acquisitions and divestitures, mergers and consolidations, corporate restructurings, plans of arrangement and joint ventures. Brittney Smith, who is a partner in the department, plays an important supporting role in many notable cases in the British Virgin Islands. Chambers Global Guide 2021: Spotlight Table Dispute Resolution Caribbean-Wide; “A respected global company with an unparalleled network of offices in the Caribbean stretching from the Cayman Islands to Trinidad and Tobago. Best known for the strength of its offering to Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda.

Has extensive experience representing large international clients in employment and tax matters, as well as additional expertise in real estate litigation. Sources say the team is “always available” and provides “quick answers to questions.” “Robert Briant, our main point of contact, is an experienced lawyer with attention to detail and great communication skills.