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Legally Blind Gamer

Saylor was born with a condition called nystagmus. It causes involuntary eye movements and makes it difficult for his eyes to concentrate. Because glasses help with the condition and Saylor is able to live her life independently, a question she is often asked. How blind is he? This is a difficult question to answer, given that Saylor has no other reference point for his vision. That`s how it`s always been. In regular CS:GO matchmaking, Adam reached the “Global Elite” – the highest rank available – and earned an A+ rating on the third-party matchmaking service ESEA. This is an impressive achievement for someone who is legally blind. Although his corneas are significantly damaged, Adam can still perceive enough visual image to play his favorite games, including Valve`s popular shooter. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a tactical first-person shooter known for its intense counterterrorism situations. Valve`s most valuable creation, released in 2012, is still popular with seasoned gamers and longtime fans.

In fact, CS:GO has created some of the brightest professional FPS players in its history. It has been playing the popular shooter since 2012, the year it was released. What might surprise fans is his range of health issues. He is, in fact, legally blind and deaf due to a genetic disease. Well, it`s wonderful to see how Loop overcomes such physical difficulties to create great content for their fans! What games should I play before I go blind? “When I started, I thought being blind was just my niche that sets me apart from other gaming channels,” Saylor said. “In the beginning, my channel was talking about how I felt about video games. It was comedy. but in 2017, I was invited by Ubisoft to a conference. I participated in a panel with other people who talked about their experiences.

And I came to this realization. It wasn`t that I was at the games, it was that the games were for me. The Saylor Chain also helps debunk many common myths about blindness. For example, just because a person is legally blind does not mean that they cannot see at all. One soon-to-be-blind gamer turned to Reddit for advice, and Redditors provided tremendous support. While Saylor has a day job paying the bills, he devotes his passion and creative energy to video games and his channel. The videos give them the opportunity to share their opinions and highlight issues that often go unnoticed and affect a large percentage of the population. According to the AbleGamers Foundation, there are 33 million disabled gamers in America alone.

By advocating for better access through entertaining and engaging content, he hopes to create a better experience for all. In an interview, Jake Lucky, co-founder of Full Squad Gaming, described Loop as “legally blind and deaf, but a very, very good Counter Strike player” before Loop took over. He talks about his struggles due to the medical problems he has had to endure all these years. Watch the interview below! Comforting occasions and healthy conversations like this with the soon-to-be-blind gamer are rarely highlighted in the gaming community. But the huge support that U/darcitrus Jam has received has shown that there are a lot of cool people in the gaming community. The noisy but poisonous crowd simply overwhelms them. May this player`s experience remind us how much our online behavior affects others. May we all use our online voices for the better.

I`d love to find a way to make our game playable for legally blind players, and I`d even go so far as to get you to find something that works for you if you`re interested. Reddit user u/darkcitrusmarmalade went to Reddit to ask Redditors what games they should play before becoming legally blind. The Redditor writes: The post quickly received many positive votes and even rewards, with many players abandoning their suggested game titles. However, the support didn`t even stop there, as some users also offered emotional support, suggesting that they follow blind game content developers to figure out how to manage their blindness. User suggests __LikeMike__: “Look at the blind player (Steve something). He plays a lot of games while he is legally blind. This is not the end of the line for your gaming hobby! Totally Game meets a legally blind and deaf player who became a master of Counter Strike: Global Offensive growing up, the disease injured him, including damage to his cornea and blindness. But Adam still managed to become a respected CS:GO player and even reach the highest rank in matchmaking. Basic settings such as subtitles, font size, and audio description can be extremely useful for visually impaired gamers during gameplay, but are often overlooked by developers. For Saylor, these attitudes can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and a frustrating one. For example: In a recent review of Gears Tactics` accessibility, he praised the developers for adding a color blind mode and a “let me read the game” feature. In comparison, Doom Eternal`s naked accessibility features lead to disappointment.

He hopes sharing his experiences online will help creators become aware of all kinds of people interacting with their work. It`s @AB_LOOP, he`s legally blind and deaf, but regularly meets Global in CS and level 10 on FACEIT “I have an eye disease that will likely make me legally blind in the next 6-12 months.” Redditor then listed the games they liked and provided a few additional criteria for the type of games they were looking for. In response to one of the comments, Redditor shared the extent of his condition. “In 6-12m, even with optimal glasses, I will probably be legally blind due to retinal and macular degeneration,” they write. “In the longer term, I will lose all vision in my central vision and I will only have a splinter in the corner of my eye.” As developers, this task is quite difficult because we don`t fully understand what you need or need to go through – we can research the topic, but it doesn`t REALLY put us in your shoes. Accessibility features can also be difficult to budget for and fit into the budget, especially if they require significant research and development (and for the most part, it`s not a “sellable” feature for most gamers, which is why more games don`t). Steve Saylor`s YouTube channel is dedicated to reviews, reactions and first impressions of video games. Saylor has a contagious and exaggerated energy while encountering many well-known Youtube tropes. He is prone to exaggerations, funny faces and occasional silly voices. Popular music videos show him spinning nets as Spiderman or digging on the ground in Minecraft. But the most important thing that sets Saylor`s videos apart from other gaming channels is that he is a blind player.

In the highly competitive world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Adam Bahriz is one of the best, reaching the rank of world elite – the highest in the game – and an A+ rating in the third division ESEA. Bahriz was also born with hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy (HSAN), which resulted in loss of vision and hearing. You can learn more about him in this week`s episode of Totally Game, Future`s documentary series that hits extraordinary players. Check it out above. HSAN is a rare disease that means Bahriz feels almost no pain. In addition to sensory neuronal hearing loss, the unconscious scratching of his face and eyes caused lacerations and severely damaged his cornea as a child. When injured, the receptors in his body do not send this information to his brain, so he is not aware of the damage. SUPER HOT would be a good choice, it`s mostly white/gray backgrounds and enemies are bright red with black objects According to Loop, he`s had to undergo 4 facial surgeries and foot surgery so far. He reveals that doctors are unwilling to operate on his eyes, even though he is willing to do so.

Luckily, corneal transplants have the potential to improve one`s vision, but are extremely risky. To help people understand how he sees things, Saylor creates a video called What I See When I`m Playing Video Games.