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As a partner of law firms and legal services, Unterschied & Macher digitizes business processes and realizes digital business innovations with its clients. From idea to successful commercialization to technical implementation. In addition, UuM offers innovative formats such as the Legal Tech Igniter as an initial spark for law firms and legal departments. For 5 to 10 years, the subject of legal tech has been on everyone`s lips. Technical progress and the desire to innovate are giving rise to more and more legal technology companies. There are currently just over 1,000 in the world. In this article, we present 7 success stories. SFS stands for strategy and technology consulting and the development of tailor-made software solutions. In doing so, employees, client communication and the law firm`s business model are also considered and prepared for technological advancement. SFS sees itself as a continuous sparring partner and supports law firms from strategy definition to execution.

The definition of “legal technology” or “legal technology” is found in the terms “legal services” and “technology”. This is the digitization of lawyers` work. What has been processed manually until now, the work but also the legal services provided by Legal Tech will be more automatic in the future. Legal Tech Tools assists clients, lawyers and law firms with legal advice. This affects the areas of organization of law firms and companies, document management, creation and analysis, research and training. BRYTER is a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate specialized knowledge and create interactive and scalable modules. BRYTER works on the basis of cloud software. BRYTER wants to create easy access to complex technical expertise using an intuitive tool.

Especially in the area of air passenger rights, many legal technology companies are now active. They all act on a basis of pure success, but differ significantly in their conditions. Qamqam compared them. Flightright has set itself the goal of helping air travellers respect their rights. Passengers are entitled to compensation if flights are delayed, cancelled or postponed. This is especially true if connecting flights are missed. LeReTo or LeReTo Austria is a source search tool for the automatic analysis of legal documents. The tool recognizes legal references and automatically queries them in databases, links documents to legal sources and thus helps lawyers check references from opposing or judicial sources. German sources will also be available in LeReTo soon. ADVOSERVICE offers project management and consulting for digitization and legal technology projects, automation of mass procedures and the introduction of new law firm software.

In this context, the Berlin-based company`s portfolio also includes practical training and programming of software extensions and individual interfaces. DataGuard offers the range of services of an external data protection officer supported by the platform. Efficiency gains must be achieved through automation and digitization of typical work steps. At no time is it excluded to apply to the ordinary court if the conciliation procedure reaches its limits. Conciliation via janoFair is not possible if the amount of the dispute exceeds € 100,000 or if the hearing of witnesses is necessary to clarify the dispute. For this purpose, the passenger first enters the relevant information such as flight number and date into an online input mask. Subsequently, Flightright compares this information fully automatically with a database that is constantly fed with the latest flight data. The contract lawyers of Geblitzt.de examine the notices of fine and try to have the proceedings closed, the notices of fine then becoming ineffective. Hintbox is a legal technology startup that offers companies a tool to implement the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937.

More information can be found on the Hintbox website. Have a standard legal service answered automatically Important legal tech events that regularly take place in Germany are the legal revolution (also known as the Legal Tech Expo) of the Frankfurt area, Berlin Legal Tech, which takes place for the second time in 2018 and the German Lawyers` Day, which took place for the first time in 2017 under the slogan “Legal Tech”.