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The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law logo must be included in any official communication about Northwestern Law news or events. Some pre-approved templates that include the logo are available on our website. Pen logo for author designer and law firm Company symbol with color of American flag The logo must be used by all academic and administrative units of NYU Law. To ensure consistency, units are not allowed to create unique, independent logos or marks. Historic Classic Art Government Column Building with Initial Letter Logo The NYU Law logo is the central visual tool of NYU`s graphic identity. When reproduced, it must always be complete and unchanged, with all its components intact. This is important to maintain consistency in the appearance of the logo and ensure visual integrity. The use of the official seal of Albany Law School is reserved for official documents of the school president such as diplomas, certificates, and legal documents. Illustration Law firm Pillar Symbol Design with Love Sign Logo Logo Logo Template Healthy and Happy Family Colorful Logo Father and Mother with a Child On these pages you will find guidelines that describe our brand visual identity. These guidelines address the use of law school logos, colours, fonts and seals. Pillar Logo Design for Law Firm or University Custom logos have been created that include the various names of departments and centers. Each is available by email at communications@albanylaw.edu.

Any student organization wishing to use the NYU Law logo must obtain written permission. Please send law.communications@nyu.edu an email. We appreciate your cooperation in using these guidelines to adopt and promote a unified law school identity. After all, our brand is one of our most important assets! Pen logo Commercial training and law firm Company symbol This logo should only be used if the main logo cannot be used. The accent colors for law school are black and white. Smart Writer vector logo template This logo is suitable for business and finance or education School Pillar Property logo Construction symbol Lawyer`s right with form illustration Please do not attempt to take the website logo or scan it from other sources to design print or electronic publications yourself. The marketing and communications team must be involved from the outset in the design and production of publications that use the school logo. Column Column Historic Government Building with Line Drawing Style Symbol Logo Vector Design Inspiration Balance Justice Ladders with Greek Sword and Column Courthouse Building Lawyer Lawyer`s logo Emblem Education logo Column with circle pen and fire-insulated branch Pen and hand Minimalist handwriting Logo design Vector typography is an important element in the university`s brand identity system, And we have selected the following types, to better represent the voice of the university and maintain a consistent tone in the different communications. The Albany Law School brand defines who we are and what we do. It presents our voice to the world and helps us achieve our mission and vision. And your help is needed so that we can maintain a clear and consistent brand identity. More information and tips for photography can be found here.

The word limit is written on wooden cubes on a green summer background Close-up of wooden elements Permission to use the seal for official university business may communications@albanylaw.edu with the Department of Communications and Marketing. The correct name of the law school should be used in all marketing materials and in the promotion of news or events. Official photos of Albany Law School events are available on flickr.com/photos/albanylaw. All photos are in high resolution, but if source files are needed, contact communications@albanylaw.edu. For guidelines on our preferred styles and uses, see the Editorial Style Guide. The official name of the institution is Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. This is only used for official purposes, such as on transcripts, first mention in press releases and alongside publication and copyright information. The seal may only be reproduced by authorized reproductions and may not be redesigned, reproportioned or altered in any way.