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Legal Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

With nearly 60 years of combined experience in international legal recruitment, we have an enviable track record in placing some of the region`s leading partners, general counsel and their teams. The team has built a strong network of relationships in the region and, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the legal industry, has been responsible for some of the most prestigious internships in the Middle East. Are you looking for a job in the legal industry? Submit your data to one of the leading law firms in the MENA region! While the Middle East has gained popularity among lawyers as an attractive and tax-free emerging market, we have recognised that we have an increasing number of existing relationships with qualified expats and international clients who are moving to the region to hire high-profile candidates with education and qualifications in the UK. When we entered the market, there was a clear shortage of recruiters who specialised in the field, particularly those who could provide our quality service and find candidates from top-notch UK and Australian law firms. We started with regular trips to the Middle East to gain insights into the market and recruitment trends, and quickly became brand ambassadors for our clients as well as trusted advisors for candidates interested in moving. Our advisors support and advise lawyers moving to the Middle East from the UK and other major international law centres to ensure the transition runs smoothly and successfully. Are you looking for your next legal hire? Tiger`s legal recruitment department can find the perfect solution. From our Dubai office, we provide local service and expertise to help you find the best talent, wherever you are in the UAE. Robert Half is a professional recruitment agency for highly qualified legal profiles from junior to experienced level and management. We specialize in organizing legal and paralegal jobs with paralegal jobs and other legal jobs in the UAE, for law firms and corporate legal services. Robert Half`s UAE recruitment team is committed to providing you with experienced candidates who will provide you with quick and easy solutions. Our global reach allows us to attract the best international legal talent you need to grow and protect your business. Our resources, including industry news, career tips, salary guides, hiring trends and more, provide insights to our clients and legal, risk and compliance professionals.

If your company has a legal department, finding an exceptional in-house attorney (such as a general counsel, legal partner, or legal counsel) will strengthen your team. Ready to find your next legal, risk or compliance role? We offer opportunities at all levels for a variety of companies internationally. Through ongoing partnerships with our clients and candidates, we continue to evolve and shape the global legal, risk and compliance markets. Find out why we recommend working in Dubai? This jewel of the UAE`s Middle East has a distinctive skyline and offers one of the most dynamic working and living environments in the world. Dubai is tax-free, so you`ll find that you may have more consumer money than, say, the UK. The city of Dubai is a global leader in business and especially in the legal sector, where the largest international law firms from around the world flock to Dubai to host their headquarters. Our in-person and virtual sessions cover a range of thought leadership topics as well as events that provide an opportunity for the legal, risk and compliance community to come together. What does the legal sector look like? Many of the world`s largest international law firms are based in Dubai. This is largely due to the fact that the city is a robust and stable economy that was only marginally affected by the 2008 financial crash.

The city`s law firms have a plethora of work in mergers and acquisitions, banking, finance, construction, and real estate. DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is home to more than 22 of the world`s 30 largest banks and 6 of the top 10 insurance companies. The DIFC has its own independent financial regulator and laws based on the English common law system. Dubai law firms can also serve clients from the Gulf Cooperation Council, North Africa and India. DMJ Middle East is a Dubai-based department specializing in legal research and selection. Our legal recruitment team specializes in recruiting for internal positions in a variety of different companies and industries. We are industry independent, working with employers in the oil and gas, construction, private equity, investment banking and creative industries, to name a few. Pennell Hart is an international legal framework research firm that places lawyers in law firms and corporate organizations across the Middle East. Our consultants, among the most experienced in the region, provide intelligent and informed recruitment advice to clients and candidates. This is a very exciting time for the legal market in Dubai. Non-taxable salaries are increasing, the work is varied and the experience gained is highly valued. However, moving to the Arabian Peninsula is not an easy decision and it is important to understand exactly what you can expect from your new life.

We`ve compiled the most common questions Stuart Greenland, director of DMJ Middle East, receives from those considering moving. A paralegal, on the other hand, is not a qualified lawyer. They usually provide administrative support to a legal team; This may include researching, writing documents and correspondence, reviewing files, and communicating with clients. Therefore, you may need to hire a paralegal if your core legal team needs additional help. If you don`t need someone who is employed permanently, you should look for an independent paralegal. Our legal, risk management and compliance teams are experienced specialists with in-depth knowledge of their markets. We recruit at all levels, from newly qualified partners to partners, and are the global specialist in law firm research and recruitment. From our Dubai office, we recruit local and international talent from the MENA region, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. We also have offices in the West End and the City of London, as well as in New York. As a legal headhunter, this global reach allows us to find the best talent to ensure we find the perfect solution for your business. There are many situations where a business may find that it needs to hire a lawyer or paralegal.

The roles we recruit include (but are not limited to) General Counsel, Legal Staff, Legal Counsel and Litigators. General counsel is often the most popular term used to describe a company`s primary source of legal advice and the person who handles a variety of legal issues. With a global team of experienced market-leading advisors, we are recognized as the leading and preferred recruitment partner in the in-house legal market. Our team is comprised of former and qualified lawyers who have first-hand industry knowledge and an understanding of the job market to connect employers and candidates. Our recruitment consultants are specialists with over 70 years of investment expertise. As one of Dubai`s leading legal recruitment agencies, we have an in-depth understanding of technical briefings and the nuances of legal roles. This knowledge is essential in legal recruitment and allows us to quickly and easily find the right solution for your personal situation. The result? An exceptional employee who goes all the way and truly adds value to your team.

Our market-leading legal department recruits for private law firms and in-house organizations across the Middle East. The team focuses on the recruitment of lawyers for partner and partner private firms in the various UK, US and regional law firms in the region, as well as the in-house appointments of legal counsel to large corporations and financial institutions. Stuart was very diligent and helpful throughout the process. I would recommend it to any lawyer who wants to take a step. Our client is a global technology and retail company, recognized as. Confident that movement restrictions will be eased over time, we have continued our relationship-driven approach, continuing both to sell the attractiveness of the Middle East to global candidates and to strengthen our relationships with lawyers already based in the region. Through our MarketWatch service, we keep international candidates passively abreast of market trends and advise them on remote work and onboarding in the face of the global pandemic in order to continue our high-quality service to clients and candidates. Give us a few details and one of our talent solutions specialists will contact you.

As the market matured, many new companies entered the region, making it a very competitive area, as companies were forced to differentiate themselves to attract candidates.