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Legal Operations Konferenz

Jaap Bosman, TGO Consulting, is a regular contributor to the American Bar Association`s flagship magazine. ABAJournal.com published her article Monetizing Your Legal Tech Investment 5 A common agenda for: In-house lawyers Legal Operations Managers in Legal Departments Partners in law firms (limited number of participants) Cooperation Partners TPR Legal is a specialist in the field of contract analysis and advises legal departments on the implementation of the legal operations function. More information under the main sponsor Legal operations, new technologies, global teamwork: shaping today what will move the legal market tomorrow. Working together to shape innovative services for tomorrow`s legal advice is the goal of our more than lawyers. With 69 offices in 34 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States, Eversheds Sutherland is one of the largest law firms in the world. Our international presence is complemented by regional alliances and a network of excellent cooperation law firms with whom we have been successfully working on cross-border projects for many years. Philip Stein Uwe Horwath David Saunders 12:15 Thematic discussion 5 Staff development in the legal department Sebastian Köhler 13:00 Lunch break Thematic discussion 6 (Re)alignment of a group legal department Dr. Margret Obladen Case Study 6 Legal Technology Trends in the Nuri Legal Market Nuri Khadem-Al-Sharieh 14:00 Presentation of the results of thematic discussions 5 and 6 Dr. Margret Obladen, Sebastian Köhler 14:15 External advice Management expectations to get the most out of the importance of open communication between partners Use metrics and KPIs for a lasting partnership with external partners Vincent J. Cordo, Jr. Discussion 15:00 Cooperation between legal departments and legal service providers Dr.

Karsten Hardraht, Lars Kuchenbecker, Dr. Alexander Niethammer; Moderator: Dr. Aled Griffiths 15:45 Summary of the days of the event Moderator: Norbert Parzinger 16:00 End of the event The organizer JUVE has been reporting on business lawyers in Germany and Austria since 1998. Since then, the publishing house has accompanied the developments of the legal advice market in magazines, manuals and online. The NWB Academy offers a full range of practice-oriented, cost-effective and holistic education and training. As NWB Verlag`s program area, we are your experts for matters that concern employees and executives, policy makers and strategists in law firms and companies. Jane Challoner is a qualified banking lawyer who worked in asset finance at CMS before holding operational and strategic positions. His current goals are to provide clients with insight into a confusing legal technology landscape, accelerate the pace of innovation within the firm, and leverage CMS`s extensive digital expertise to develop or integrate new technologies and platforms that enhance client service delivery.

She was closely involved in the incubation of Lupl by CMS, a leading collaboration platform for the legal industry. Prior to her current role, she led several multidisciplinary teams as Head of Knowledge and International Human Resources and then Head of Learning and Development before working on various strategic and knowledge projects. She has extensive international operational experience in establishing, operating and restructuring several business units. In collaboration with ABN AMRO Bank and ZumpolleVanderStoel, TGO Consulting hosted a roundtable with Managing Partners and CCs on the challenges of placing non-lawyers in client positions in law firms. Jaap Bosman was interviewed on Dutch Business Radio about the profitability of law firms in the legal market. The one-hour show can be watched as a pod cast (in Dutch). Affiches Parisiennes, the biweekly Parisian legal review, devoted the title article of its 7th issue to the JINOV conference in Paris. March, including Jaap Bosman`s keynote address. Students from ESCP Business School in Paris (MSc International Business Law & Management) met with Jaap Bosman to discuss the place and importance of soft skills in the legal field and the human qualities that a lawyer must have. Jaap Bosman joined Casper Herler in a podcast about the future of the legal profession.

They examine trends in the legal industry in the new decade. What is cognitive diversity? When is specialization bad? And much more. Jan Eckert began his professional career at Hengeler Mueller in 1999. He has advised German and international clients on numerous (cross-border) transactions and corporate restructurings. He then joined Bayer AG, where he headed the M&A group in the legal department. After five years, he joined Krauss Maffei AG, a Munich-based mechanical and plant engineering company, as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. In 2012, Eckert took over ZF Friedrichshafen AG, the world`s third largest automotive supplier, as Group General Counsel. BRYTER is the no-code automation platform that enables legal and compliance professionals to automate workflows and build self-service applications.

The platform gives these teams the tools they need to save time, better manage risk, and deliver faster, more accurate services, all without coding. Global legal and compliance teams, from companies like McDonald`s and Telefonica to professional services firms like Deloitte, PwC and KPMG, use BRYTER to deliver legal and compliance services digitally. BRYTER is a remote company with offices in London, New York, Boston, Frankfurt, Paris and Dublin. Jaap Bosman co-authored the feature article in the March 2020 issue of ACC Docket Magazine, which presents a 3-step method for prioritizing legal issues internally. “The legal doesn`t work” – Lupl and the emerging role of digital platforms in case law We digitize legally relevant processes, create transparency on documents and data, and free you from routine tasks. You have time for topics that require your full attention. And all this on a platform you know very well: Microsoft 365. In the run-up to the Law Firm Leadership & Management program in China in March 2021, Jaap Bosman was interviewed by the legal publishing platform Zihe on the management of law firms. 3 09:00 Registration 09:30 Welcome and introduction Moderator: Norbert Parzinger 09:45 Managing the in-house legal function of the future Leveraging the changing supplier ecosystem The skills needed in the modern internal function The role of processes and technology Dave Hart Day Discussion 10:15 Legal Operations in Germany: What`s on the horizon? Dave Hart, Dr.

Rasmus Furth, Joachim Kämpf, Rabea Pohl; Moderator: Dr. Aled Griffiths 11:00 Coffee break 11:30 Case study 1 Legal operations in small legal departments Practice Report Joachim Kämpf 2 KPIs on the legal market: guidelines for action Dr. Maximilian Koch Practice report 3 Implementation of a DMS Mag. Edlhaimb Manual 12:30 Small Group Session 1 Regulatory Compliance Management Breakout Session 2 Contract Negotiations with Artificial Intelligence Breakout Session 3 Document Management in Practice Jan Mario Welle Mihály Gündisch Zoë Andreae, Aime.