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Legal Nurse Consultant Salary

For CEW salaries, this is an increase of less than 1% from 2013 ($66,220). Although the health care industry has grown tremendously with an aging baby boomer population as well as countless changes due to the Affordable Care Act, the value of a registered nurse`s salary is virtually stagnant. In addition to their advisory role, Nurse Law Advisors often act as experts who testify in litigation, testimony, hearings and arbitrations and prepare expert opinions for the process. 5. Preparation for Legal and Other Legal Proceedings As a post-bachelor`s degree program, Wilmington University`s Legal Nurse Consultant certificate requires nurses to first complete a BSN. However, the program allows online study and nurses can use all credits completed in the program to earn a university degree. Because the program uses actual college courses and credits, the cost is higher than other programs. Anyone interested in becoming a legal nurse consultant and eventually earning an MSN could get a head start thanks to Wilmington. In summary, the professional qualifications and responsibilities of nurse legal consultants vary, and potential CNL is advised to approach educational programs or industries of interest to see what they can offer. The earning potential of a legal nurse consultant is not limited by location. In fact, while working from home, many nurse legal consultants do business with attorneys in multiple states. This allows them to maintain a high quality of life and demand a living wage for nurse consultants in whatever field they want to live in.

For example, Janice Lange, RN, NSB, CNLC, and Joyce Gerdes, RN, BSN, CLNC have expanded their legal practice consulting activities in 11 states. Look at their history. What exactly does a nurse legal consultant do on a day-to-day basis? And beyond that, does it vary by industry or workplace? Nurse legal consultants work with lawyers on nursing errors or other legal matters in the health care field. Their task is to evaluate, analyze and give opinions on the case, as well as to identify, organize and analyze medical records. They serve as assistants for licensed lawyers, bridging the gap between the law and the world of nursing and health care. They are dedicated and persistent and willing to devote tremendous time and energy to a variety of legal/medical cases. They examine the elements of malpractice in care and treatment and other areas of health claims such as workers` compensation, product liability, and countless other medical and legal issues. Depending on where CNL is used, additional training is recommended.

For example, medical law courses and learning legal terminology are beneficial. If your goal is to see a legal nurse, you must first become a registered nurse. To do this, you need to follow these steps: There are many sources that can help you learn more about legal advice. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants offers a number of publications as well as an official publication, the Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting, which is available free of charge to AALNC members and the public. This increased demand for nurse counselors, even if they work part-time, means nurse legal consultant salaries of up to $150 per hour for their expertise and higher for advanced nurse consultants. Full-time legal nurse consultants now have incredible growth potential. For example, Annmarie Johnson, RN, NSB, CLNC billed over $10,000 in one month as a part-time consultant. Read their story. The University of Arizona offers a seven-week training course for legal practitioners for registered nurses and PAs. Like other programs, this option is fully online and offers six different launch dates throughout the year. The course lasts about 42 hours. While the cost is higher than similar options, students can take advantage of Arizona`s extensive network.

With one of the most affordable certification programs for nurse consultants, Florida Atlantic University attracts nurses from all over the country. The online program requires an active registered nurse license and three years of clinical nursing experience, so only experienced nurses can apply. This eight-week program also has 33 continuing education credits and prepares nurses for the certified exam as a legal nurse consultant. The cost alone makes it a good option, both for the certificate and for continuing education credits. Nurse legal consultants can interview other medical professionals, talk to witnesses, and compile the most relevant medical records to prepare for prosecutions. If you decide to work in an LNC employee role, be sure to evaluate local salary ranges as well as possible total compensation plans with an overview of the big picture. If you enjoy solving medical problems, researching and analyzing information, and collaborating with others, a nurse`s advice may be for you. Read on to learn more about the salary, job description and educational requirements required to become a CNL. The Legal Nurse Consultant analyzes and evaluates facts and witness statements to provide informed opinions on care and other health outcomes, as well as the nature and cause of injuries. A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who critically analyzes clinical issues in the legal field.

As consultants, they wear many hats, including analysts, staff, strategists, researchers, and educators. Consulting nurse lawyers have niche careers and, as a result, traditional data sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) do not provide analysis of projected employment growth in this area. That said, CNL generally becomes registered nurses prior to legal training. In addition, they must be registered nurses to be eligible for voluntary professional certification from the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC), discussed below.