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Tired of not knowing where your next client will come from? For those looking for instant and consistent legal marketing results, Jan Roos` “The Legal Marketing Fastlane” may be just the post. In the book, Jan discusses in detail a strategy called PPC lead generation and explains step-by-step how lawyers can set up their own lead generation system. Jan: “When I ran CaseFuel, I was constantly talking to practice owners about marketing. Written by Jonah Berger, Contagious is a fascinating exploration of why things are becoming popular or viral. As a marketing professor at the Wharton School, Berger describes techniques that can improve your message and word of mouth. With its combination of thoughtful research and captivating storytelling, you`ll be surprised how quickly you`ll read this book. You`ll also get new insights on how to maximize your legal marketing budget with viral messaging. For more legal marketing recommendations and tips, visit our Let`s Talk Legal Marketing discussion groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Many of the authors featured in this article are already members of the group! And check out our free marketing ebook, “How Lawyers Market Their Firms in the Digital Age: An Investigative Article,” here. In this list, we look at five of the best legal marketing books for lawyers, including a description of why they`re a must.

One thing I`m going to add here is that it sets me apart from others who write these kinds of books – I`m not an ivory tower professor – or from a lawyer who couldn`t practice as a lawyer and is now doing marketing. Digital Marketing for Law Firms: The Secrets to Getting More Clients and Better Cases offers exactly what the subtitle claims: it removes the secret of online marketing. This helpful guide explains in simple terms not only why, but also how to apply internet marketing strategies that will lead to a return on investment for your law firm. Digital marketing for law firms is divided into seventeen easy-to-digest chapters. My (non-legal!) Counsel? It`s worth buying, just to have the opportunity to read and implement the steps outlined in the first chapter to build a brand and the sixth chapter to write online content that turns potential customers into customers. At the top of our list of books for law firm owners is the end result for legal transactions: The Game Changing Attorney. Of course, I haven`t read all the marketing books. New books on the subject are published daily. Apparently, business books are a seriously profitable niche. We`ve compiled eight highly recommended marketing and business development books written by lawyers that will enhance your marketing efforts in law firms.

With this in mind, Trial Guides has been trying to create a digital marketing book for lawyers for many years. We are proud to offer Digital Marketing for Law Firms: The Secrets to Getting More Clients and Better Cases, an important resource for the future of your firm. This book is a guide to the future of marketing for lawyers. Behind any successful marketing is the presence of a strong personal brand. In this short read, Goshtasbi, a personal branding expert and experienced lawyer, explains how you can stand out in a crowded market and achieve greater success in the legal profession by building a unique personal brand. Find the book on Amazon. I felt that my twenty years of experience as a lawyer, marketing product salesman and consultant for a law firm were unique and could really help the lawyer looking for strategies to effectively run his business. Written by Ryan McKeen and William Umansky — both with successful law firms — Tiger Tactics shares first-hand accounts of what works and what doesn`t, as well as a roadmap for building a successful law firm from scratch. After spending over 10,000 hours on marketing – try and fail and succeed in the end – I realized two things. First of all, that the Power Niche was one of the few things that really worked.

Second, no matter how many times I showed it to people and proved it worked, people really struggled to conceptualize it. I explained it and explained it again and again. If you`re like most lawyers, you`ve heard of PPC and you`ve probably even launched your own search, display, and remarketing campaigns. But many law firms don`t really understand pay-per-click advertising and how it works. Fastlane Legal Marketing focuses on how an effective PPC strategy — which includes comprehensive keyword analysis, conversion-focused landing pages, and data analytics — can help you advance your marketing goals. This book also provides a good discussion of what to look for when meeting with marketing agencies. I also hope that they will be able to fully understand how law firm marketing works these days, regardless of the platform. From messaging to value proposition and differentiation to humanization and authenticity, I think learning these concepts makes you a much more dangerous marketer and, by nature, helps you be found as a lawyer. “Digital marketing for law firms is important reading for lawyers who know little about digital marketing. Whether you`re hiring outside help or pursuing a business strategy, this book provides important information.

Learn! No matter how much you read, there`s always something else you can do to improve your marketing strategy and your business as a whole. Never stop learning. Read a few books if you need advice, but once you know what to do, do it.