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Family Law Assistant/Runner Duties: assistance with incoming and outgoing mail processing, including express mail and parcel delivery; assist paralegals and lawyers in making copies and compiling promotional materials and client records; Daily runs for the registry, including: courthouse; Post office; Bank; Collection of meal orders for lawyers and staff; office supplies, etc.; Deliveries and pick-ups to/from other law firms in Spartanburg, Greenv. Knowledge of citation research and legal terminology. 5 years of secretarial experience in the legal framework. adapt and/or write letters on your own initiative. Articling students work closely with legal and business professionals to provide legal services to the company. This role is closely linked to the legal and. Duties of family lawyers: organizing information obtained through client worksheets and preparing summaries for lawyers; Review of financial documents and preparation of drafts of necessary court documents that can be reviewed by lawyers; cooperating with counsel in the preparation of hearings, production requests, applications for admission, subpoenas and notices of testimony to be sent to opposing counsel and others; Coordinate the creation of documents and draft responses to the Legal Secretary The candidate will communicate with potential and existing clients by telephone to schedule appointments and assist the lawyer in responding to client questions, needs and concerns. Under the supervision of a lawyer, you will participate in the preparation and review of legal documents. Investigate facts to assist the lawyer in probate cases and other probate court matters Collect and store client information.

Manage the lawyer`s calendar and schedule. Experience as a lawyer S. We offer a robust community transcription network as well as above-market pay rates with the ability to increase based on quality assessment and. The national law firm in Spartanburg of a top-ranked law firm looking for lawyers BCG is looking for a work and employment partner with a minimum of $550,000 in the portable business. A candidate with OSHA experience is preferred. As legal and judicial agencies move to a technology-driven workflow, VIQ Solutions is a leader in providing transcription services to various industries. * Starting Salary: $75,000 – $95,000 * Organization: Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Location: Harrisburg ** Division: Judicial Chambers Benefits: Link to. Set goals, set priorities, delegate work and ensure that work is done with an emphasis on quality and punctuality, whether technical,.. Selected candidates will work a regular schedule of more than 20 hours and less than 40 hours per work week.

Working time will be 21 hours per week. Accumulated at a rate of 9.5 hours per month from the first to the fifth year; 12.67 hours per month from grades six to twelve; 15.83 hours per month after completion of the. Use technology to communicate with the team, track leads, update files, send messages, ensure effective customer tracking and registration, etc. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: All employees can be expected to work in response to short-term departmental needs and/or . The percentage of specialized work experience (e.g., 6 months equals 50%) and the percentage of graduate education (e.g., 9 hours of graduate study for a GS-07..