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For now, full legal expertise is just a starting point for legal executives who work both in-house and in large law firms. In-house legal teams face a host of new risks due to changing business models, a global marketplace, more aggressive shareholder activism, and growing cybersecurity and privacy concerns. A company`s general counsel must now be as agile and innovative as the rest of the executive committee to move the business forward while mitigating threats. We also help build legal functions and design succession and development plans so that the entire department can function as a sustainable and cohesive entity. Having been hired directly by industry or law firms, our legal team knows how much is at stake and can work with our clients to find the right solution for their legal framework research needs. In a complex and ever-changing global business and political environment, with increased oversight and legal, compliance and government affairs requirements, it is essential to recruit world-class general counsel, in-house counsel, compliance officers and government affairs managers. Our legal, compliance and government affairs team is comprised of former practicing lawyers, government affairs executives and public policy experts who bring extensive research experience at the executive level and a first-hand understanding of the needs of these roles in businesses and public sector organizations for each engagement. Traditional recruitment of legal executives takes months to research. In fact, when these legal recruiters place talent, it`s rarely the right choice. You can search the directory to find the name of an authorized person and, in most cases, their business name and business address. If we allow the company where they work, this will also be displayed.

A search reveals information about disciplinary findings, if they can be published in accordance with our disclosure policy. Some authorized individuals have conditions on their internship certificate and you can find this information here. We seek and evaluate highly qualified candidates at the executive level and identify the ideal solution for your company`s goals and culture. Cowen Partners places top talent for all major legal positions, including (but not limited to): Our legal recruiters specialize in your industry and are able to identify and recruit top talent with industry experience and expertise. Learn more about our sector specialisations, including: The directory contains details of Fellows and CILEX practitioners authorised by us to carry out legal work in England and Wales. “I appreciate BarkerGilmore as a research partner because they provide excellent results due to their specialization and extensive experience. When you hire them, you work with the guys whose names are on the door. They work accurately and quickly and deliver quality results as promised. I wish I had someone as good as BarkerGilmore for all our strategic research! Every legal and compliance research begins with an assessment of core competencies and culture, national reach, and deeply personal commitment to our clients. You must take appropriate steps to independently verify that all information in the practitioner directory is accurate. You must not act or refrain from acting on the basis of the information contained in the practitioner directory. You should seek the legal and/or professional advice you deem necessary.

Based in Malmö and Stockholm, Magnus Sandkvist conducts research in a number of leadership roles, including CEOs, CFOs and NEDs. It also offers. Read more CORPORATE/INHOUSE: We have been working for years with the legal department of some of the most innovative and well-known companies in the world, as well as many promising emerging companies. We have helped some of them on their journey to global advancement by playing a dedicated role in growing their in-house legal departments year after year. We also welcomed the opportunity to place general counsel for the first time with new emerging unicorns, and the opportunity to help legal teams from rock-solid mid-sized firms gradually grow their legal teams over time. We are happy to conduct individual internal legal mediation or strategically consult the company on the current legal attitude. Boyden`s partners have the experience, industry access and seriousness to deliver exceptional results. They are research experts, professional advisors and personal mentors. Asian lawyers are becoming general counsel, leading the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies in unprecedented ways. Read more We provide individual and group placement services for law firms and corporations. We bring over 3 decades of experience in legal research for top law firms and businesses in many markets.