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Legal Counsel Ministry of Defence

The firm advises in all areas of the ministry`s activities, including public and civil law, public administrative law and commercial law, international cooperation and international contracts. It was founded in 1964 by letters patent and is essential to the legal functioning of the Department of Defence. Through prerogatives, it gives the Secretary of State the ability to manage and command the armed forces through military commissions. The three service committees (the Admiralty Board, the Army Council, and the Air Force Council), which are subcommittees of the Defence Council, meet annually for each service chief to report to the Secretary of State on the health of their respective departments. The Attorney-General prepares the Department`s legislative agenda and coordinates the Department of Defense`s positions on legislation and executive orders; coordinates the appeal process for rejected FOIA applications; monitors the performance and standards of DoD lawyers; prepares guidelines on general legal issues and establishes the position of the Ministry of Defence on specific legal issues; maintains a directory of all international agreements coordinated, negotiated or entered into by DoD staff; and is “twice” director of the Defense Legal Services Agency. Legal counsel is chosen from among ordinary, administrative and accounting judges, prosecutors, parliamentary advisers and between university professors and lawyers with sufficient experience and skills in the field of legal and legal support and regulatory production. The Defence Committee is chaired by the Secretary of State and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Department at the highest level, with a focus on strategy and plans for the training of the armed forces, including financial planning, results against these plans, and risks. The Defence Council is the supreme body of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It is responsible for all defence activities, with the exception of operational implementation.

The legal counsel handles all matters related to tort claims and security matters of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. The firm is mainly composed of lawyers and legal advisors who advise the various sectors of the defense establishment. In addition to providing legal advice, this team also represents the Ministry of Defense in various forums, including the Knesset and ministerial committees, and is responsible for drafting tender and contract documents. The Legal Counsel`s Office at Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart-Möhringen is comprised of a diverse, interagency team that reflects the talents, expertise, and capabilities of the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. The office serves as senior legal advisor to the commander and his staff, providing legal advice on a variety of topics, including: international law, law of armed conflict, status protection, international agreements, ethics and standards of conduct, tax law, contract law, military justice and civilian personnel matters. Sixth African Military Law Forum in Botswana focuses on women, peace and security and advises commanders The General Counsel of the Department of Defense is the Chief Legal Officer of the Department of Defense (DoD), who advises both the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary on all legal matters and services, and provides legal advice to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and, as appropriate, other components of the DOD. Provide timely, accurate, and prudent legal advice to U.S. Africa Command that enables the Command and its personnel to conduct operations that support overall mission accomplishment. AMLF Streams is a new lecture series in which AMLF members discuss legal topics of interest. We thank the Kentucky National Guard State Partnership for hosting the inaugural AMLF Streams Lecture Series, No. 1 with the Legal Director of the Malawi Armed Forces, BG Dan Kuwali. BG Kuwali was the first co-chair of the AMLF.

The Minister may appoint a legal adviser with functions of cooperation, advice and assistance in the exercise of his functions, for the legal and regulatory initiatives referred to in article 3 of Decree-Law No. 29 of 1993 and for his institutional relations. The General Counsel – Defence (CDG) is responsible for providing high-quality strategic legal advice on a wide range of defence-related matters, including the provision of legal advice on complex and sensitive matters referred to the Defence General Counsel by the Minister`s Chief Counsel and senior defence management. DOD GC Caroline Krass with the U.S. delegation at a conference of NATO Legal Advisers. Front row: Ms. Sabeena Rajpal (State/L); CDR Meredith Werner, JAGC, USN (Legal Advisor to the US-NATO delegation); HON Caroline Krass (DoD GC); CAPT Lia Reynolds, JAGC, USN (DoD OGC) Second row: Mr. Rich Visek (Acting Legal Adviser, Department of State); Mr.

Matt Thrasher (DoD OGC) The Defense Establishment`s Legal Counsel is responsible for providing legal advice to the Secretary of Defense, the Director General, and all departments of the Department of Defense. The consultant reports directly to the Director-General and is headed by the Israeli Attorney General, while working with the Prosecutor and the Ministry of Justice. The African Military Law Forum is an organization of dedicated African lawyers serving in the military or working in the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Justice. The legal adviser to the defense establishment is responsible for promoting and supporting the passage of laws relating to the Ministry of Defense, the IDF, supporting entities, and defense industry activities. Michigan, Liberia Partner to Strengthen Role of Military Legal Advisors in Promoting Rule of Law African Military Law Experts Attend Law of Armed Conflict Conference General Counsel – Defence Defence Legal Department CP2-4-004 Email: dl.generalcounsel@defence.gov.au Legal Colloquium strengthens relationships between African commanders and legal advisers The Defence Council is a formal body, almost all of its work is carried out by the Defence Committee.