Mindel Scott

Legal and General Housing Factory

We are always looking for the best talent for our growing company. Do you think you can help us achieve our goal of making the housing market fairer for all? If so, take the next step in your career and be part of a team that makes a real difference to people and communities across the UK. The agreement to acquire a location in Broadstairs for affordable supplier Town & Country Housing brings L&G Modular Homes` pipeline of factories to 670 homes, including additional sites in Selby, Bristol and North Horsham. Modular housing is exactly the kind of inventive and forward-thinking solution Britain needs to solve its housing crisis and create a housing market that appeals equally to all members of society. The finished products remain at the northern end of the plant until they are transported in pairs on a truck to construction sites across the country. We believe it is more important than ever that we deliver the homes our company needs to solve structural bottlenecks in all dimensions of the market. We are tackling the housing crisis head-on by providing housing for all populations, ages and homeowners, while trying to have a positive socio-economic impact on all the communities where we build homes. Our homes can be built quickly and developments can be tailored to the needs of entire communities, including socially affordable private rental and commercial housing. Legal and General Capital Investments continues to support the company in its efforts to invest heavily in plans to revolutionize the housing market with purpose-built modular housing. Modular apartments will also take off in the north, she predicts.

“The North was sometimes underserved because of the price, and I think we can offer really good homes and create great places to live across the country,” she says. We put customers and communities at the heart of everything we do. Others simply talk about Britain`s need for affordable, high-quality housing. We`re working to make it a reality – and fast. We work with local authorities, councils and housing associations to make the housing market fairer for all and create sustainable communities where people can interact with each other and their environment. “I`m old enough to remember when cars were garbage,” says Toogood, who arrives at the factory in his trash-free Tesla. L&G said its modular residential plant offers versatile employment opportunities, including design, finance, engineering, procurement, construction and manufacturing. Legal and General`s foray into self-provisioning modular housing development has resulted in cumulative losses of £137 million since its inception in 2016. In 2020, we developed a framework to measure grey carbon in our housing operations, which we will roll out in 2021, and publicly committed to operating all new homes we build at net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Our homes are manufactured in our 550,000 m² factory in Sherburn-in-Elmet, near Leeds. Assembling the modules in a finished property requires skills and training and is therefore not a suitable undertaking for those who want to build themselves. Toogood runs through the factory, which is divided into separate areas. In the first zone, the floor plates are mounted and the electrical system is installed. The last area is for plastering and painting. In July this year, the company signed a contract with Peabody-owned Kent Housing Association to build 153 modular homes. We design and create custom modules that assemble quickly and easily to ensure that all our modular features are identical in terms of fit and finish. The quality of everything is checked before we leave the factory, which means things go well when we build, we can spend less time on site and finish projects faster.

Safety is our top priority. We set up a work system that allowed us to operate our modular homes and construction sites safely COVID. Our teams are committed to offering the best to our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help. We want to work closely with local authorities, councils, housing associations and landowners to find new solutions to the UK`s housing crisis. We seek long-term cooperative relationships with the right partners. Paul worked in land acquisition roles for 15 years, acquiring skills he now uses in the exciting world of modular living. His main areas of expertise include building relationships with suppliers and strategic partners, negotiating contracts, assembling complex locations and overseeing transactions from initial proposal to legal close. Suburban Build to Rent (SBTR) was launched in November 2020 to develop large `single-family` rental communities in the UK`s suburbs.

SBTR will work with builders to advance large sites and run a drop shipping program to deliver 1,000 homes annually through 2024. SBTR housing programs will be community- and service-oriented, providing residents with choice, security of ownership and flexibility – an offer that is largely not available in the broader housing market. “There is a great opportunity for us to rejuvenate the northern regions by providing truly high-quality housing.” Our modular homes are designed, manufactured and built in our factory and then sent to the development site to be placed on prepared foundations with a façade. If road access permits, they can be transported anywhere on the British mainland with the appropriate building permit. Yes. Like any type of residential project, a modular residential complex requires planning permission from your local authority and must also comply with building codes. You can see our construction quality assurance below. We can work with you early in the planning process to assess the site and assist you every step of the way. The UK property market is facing serious challenges and we believe it is time for a new approach.

Using precision techniques inspired by industries such as automotive and construction, we are building modular homes that we hope will be at the heart of happy and sustainable communities. Jon began his career as a surveyor in the utilities and telecommunications industries before moving into residential construction, where he spent many years on the land team of a large private builder. Jon brings this extensive experience to Modular, where he will focus on developing land-based opportunities, joint ventures and prime contractor partnerships in the Southeast. L&G now aims to create up to 300 new jobs in its manufacturing and logistics operations near Leeds by the end of the year to cope with the increase in the housing pipeline. Portholme is a brand new neighbourhood in the heart of the historic town of Selby, North Yorkshire. All the houses on the site were built in Legal & General`s modular housing factory. These new homes offer a mix of high quality 2/3 bedroom homes and 1/2 bedroom apartments and have been delivered in partnership with Selby District Council to breathe new life into an old abandoned site in the heart of the market town.