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Plymouth Citizens Advice can provide remote legal advice in partnership with the University House Law Centre in London. This means we can offer a unique 45-minute consultation with a lawyer conducted remotely. At Nash & Co Solicitors, we understand that family relationships are complicated and can change over time. If you need a divorce lawyer or advice about separation, dissolution of a registered partnership, finances or arrangements for your children; Our family law lawyers are here to help. Our team can represent parents, children (via a guardian or directly) and other family members involved in these proceedings where you can see the best family law lawyers in Plymouth. These results are primarily based on client reviews of ReviewSolicitors over the past 12 months, but take into account a law firm`s accreditations, experience, size, notable cases, legal ombudsman and disciplinary records, and other important information. Don`t forget to leave a comment after using a company! Before contacting us, please complete a legal aid check. If you are eligible for legal aid, we recommend that you consult a lawyer rather than our service. We are one of Plymouth`s leading family law firms. And we are extremely proud of the team of specialists we have. Together we offer a wide range of services, including: Plymouth Citizens Advice also has an in-house legal advisor who can provide ad hoc advice or ongoing support. Family problems are one of the most stressful life events you can go through.

They have a great influence on your well-being and that of your family. There`s also no denying the impact they have on every aspect of your daily life. Dealing with upheaval, stress, and uncertainty is a scary process. You`ll likely have a lot of questions about what to expect and what processes are involved. Whether you need a divorce lawyer, want legal advice to end a civil partnership, need a collaborative lawyer, a care lawyer or an adoption lawyer, Nash & Co Solicitors can deliver. Wolferstans has 25 family law lawyers ready to help you with your case. Click here to contact us directly or find out more. I have nothing to reproach him with.

They were always ready to listen, give the best advice and take legal action. The advice I have been given has always been clear and you have done so. Please note that appointments with lawyers are only available every Thursday for family law. They take place around 1200 or 1300 We have specialists who advise grandparents or other family members who would like to be considered alternative caregivers if the children cannot be cared for by their parents. If your family changes, you`re probably facing tough challenges. Coping with a relationship breakdown is almost always a painful process. Sometimes you may feel like you`re going through this alone. From our Plymouth office, we offer a full service for those looking for advice and relationship support. Our team covers a wide range of family law issues and is responsive, helpful and supportive. We understand that no two situations are the same. That`s why we tailor our family law services to the individual needs of our clients.

Above all, our core values of caring, compassion and respect are at the heart of everything we do. We will never use complicated legalese that makes you wonder what we mean. We are committed to communicating clearly, concisely and easily understood. If the trial has not yet begun, we can see if you have evidence of your current involvement in social services. Most clients are eligible for legal aid at this stage, which means we do not charge any fees for the assistance we provide. Please call our new Client Coordinators who will be able to assess your financial fit. We provide free legal advice and support to people with family, housing and employment issues, but we do not have in-house counsel and are not entitled to legal aid. Feel free to contact us by email at info@candcfamilylaw.co.uk The search results list legal aid lawyers and law firms in Plymouth that can handle cases with legal aid. You can read customer reviews or leave your own review.

Legal aid is administered by the Commission des services juridiques and paid for by the government. It is helpful to pay the cost of legal advice in some cases where someone might not otherwise be able to afford it. Legal aid funds are managed in such a way as to protect people`s fundamental rights and to ensure a fair trial, access to judicial procedures, dispute resolution and address issues that contribute to social exclusion. Any person with parental responsibility over a child has immediate access to legal aid when the local authority submits an application to the court. We can also advise you on obtaining legal aid if you are a parent or a person without parental responsibility and you need to be involved in the proceedings. Please contact our family law team on 01752 827030. You can also email [email protected] to speak to one of our employees. Once you are in touch, we can offer you an appointment for a meeting with a lawyer from our family team. You can also ask us to call you by filling out our contact form. Excellent service. I would recommend C&C Family Law to my friends and family.

I discovered that I really felt like someone was legally taking care of me after two divorces that year. In a very difficult time, I felt well supported. Celia`s professionalism was unquestionable, but she was always responsive. In my situation, I appreciated a simple friendly approach. Complicated legalese. Our family lawyers are highly experienced, dedicated, qualified and highly respected in this area. Our family law team is ranked at the highest level in the two major legal rankings. We are particularly proud to be the only team in the region to do so. They acted professionally and responded promptly to questions. I felt comfortable in a sometimes stressful situation. They took the time to explain themselves.

We offer consultations by phone or video call or by appointment at the office. Their entire team was helpful and provided professional and friendly service in a timely manner. They showed kindness and support in the most difficult times. Although sometimes. Their service made an unbearable time bearable. I felt very comfortable, the staff was responsive, friendly, I didn`t care about appointments. The process was given to me in one. Please note that we can only personally support clients as litigators. We do not litigate on behalf of a client or provide representation in court. When advising clients, they remain responsible for the administration and conduct of their case. We can also agree on a flat rate for preparing a separation agreement, financial consent order or prenuptial arrangement once we know what topics to cover.

For other issues, it is much more difficult to agree on fixed fees. This is particularly the case with financial negotiations or disputes concerning children.