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Butcher & Barlow offers its clients a wide range of personal and business legal services. With ten offices in the Northwest, the firm`s size has doubled over the past decade and now has 31 partners, 46 additional royalty recipients and a total workforce of over 150 people. It is always a pleasure to work with Alextra Wealth Management Ltd and Alextra Accountants. Last night, we hosted a roundtable discussion where we discussed the legal and financial considerations for small business owners who wish to leave their business in the short to medium term. It was a productive evening for our attendees with experts from Alextra and Butcher & Barlow who talked about how to ensure your family`s financial security, unlock assets trapped in the business, and how best to protect your legacy and ensure the future survival of the business. Steven Pepper, Jonathan Aldersley, Shawn Gallimore, Joanne Hamilton #DecisionsShared #LegalAdvice #CashingOut The firm also has five notaries who are impartial legal professionals with extensive and diverse experience in this particular facet of the legal profession. They are able to certify and authenticate documents for use worldwide. “Greg Porter is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go out of his way for the client. Excellent legal analysis combined with a realistic and robust tactical approach. Brilliant customer relationship. Butcher & Barlow has been recommended for legal services in ten practice areas, including again top-tier rankings for our Agriculture & Estate team and Commercial Property team, as well as a first-time personal injury classification. “Partners like Jonathan Aldersley are very approachable and have the ability to translate complex legal nuances into everyday examples that we lay people can understand.

Jonathan is always receptive to contact requests and is known to resolve our urgent issues, including during his annual leave. Family: The firm has an experienced family law team led by Kevan Hankinson and consists of member lawyers and accredited specialists from recognized family law associations, including Resolution, the Law Society`s Children`s Panel and the Advanced Family Panel. The firm has an accredited mediator in Caroline Cockill-Guy. The firm has a highly respected team specializing in complex, high-quality financial and divorce matters. The team is well equipped to handle all children and financial matters arising from a relationship, including prenuptial and post-nuptial settlements, transactions, and estate disputes. The law firm has concluded mutual legal assistance agreements for the implementation of family legal assistance in six offices and holds the specialist quality label. The firm`s commercial function is supported by a network of specialists in the branches, all of whom work together to build trust in our clients. The firm has the knowledge, staff and resources to provide legal services consistent with those of urban practice, while maintaining the friendly and approachable attitude for which the firm is known.

The company`s commercial customers include regional construction companies, commercial owners, domestic breweries, manufacturing companies and building materials traders. “Butcher & Barlow has a very welcoming and efficient team at Gadbrook Park. In combination with this attribute, they have competent and understanding staff, both in terms of lawyers and legal secretaries. The company`s billing is clear and concise. » Future Lawyers Program Only two weeks before the registration deadline for our 2024 articling admission. At Butcher & Barlow, we are committed to helping talented graduates perform at their best and are proud that 15 of our current partners have started their careers as articling students with the firm. As a trained at Butcher & Barlow, you will be fully immersed in the firm from the beginning, working with clients at an early stage, creating legal documents and researching projects or articles. You will experience four practice areas over the two years. The seats will be a mix of private and commercial, litigious and non-contentious, giving you the opportunity to find the area of law that inspires you the most.

You can find more information about our training contracts and how to apply here: lnkd.in/dh9Gjwt #DecisionsShared #LegalAdvice #FutureLawyers The Legal 500 is a guide for users of legal services that provides up-to-date information on law firms and lawyers across the UK. Agriculture: The Agriculture and Rural Affairs team is based in its own office in Gadbrook Park and is led by Mike Bracegirdle. Working with partners Graham Gigg, a member of the Agricultural Law Association (and staff member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and honorary legal officer of the Agricultural Chaplaincy in Cheshire and the Cheshire Agricultural Society), John Hyatt, Rebecca Jepson and James Hodgson, the team can assist individuals and businesses in a range of areas, including land development, agricultural leases, succession issues and organizational structure. The Department is active for a number of land holdings related to farms and leased and agricultural holdings. Construction litigation and judgments. In today`s blog, Mark Turner, a property dispute resolution specialist, discusses the use of arbitration in construction disputes and its advantages over litigation. lnkd.in/ecH7SkqJ #DecisionsShared #LegalAdvice #PropertyDisputes #Construction #Adjudication “Gregory Porter`s professionalism and knowledge was second to none. He guided me thoroughly through the process and put me at ease. Greg was able to use his expertise to make sure I got the best result possible. “Butcher & Barlow was recommended to us by experts.

The way they have treated us, guiding us, is nothing less than the utmost professionalism, always with our interest in our hearts and as our top priority. I truly believe that we achieved the best result thanks to Butcher & Barlow! “They are a very strong and competent team. This knowledge extends not only to law, but also to strategic decision-making and customer service. In any case, they strive to find the right approach to achieve the desired goals and regularly catch the other side off guard through a superior tactical approach. “I have a number of contacts in practice and have always found them to be extremely professional and they have good expertise within the practice.” ReviewSolicitors uses data from our community to show you how many clients have used Butcher And Barlow LLP and had a satisfactory experience, where they indicated they would recommend the law firm`s services to friends and family. The first inclusion of the Personal Injury team is a particular highlight and partner Greg Porter, who leads the personal injury team, said: The above score is a simple percentage representation of the total number of clients who chose the “Yes” option: We use data science to gather the answers to these questions and create a “ReviewSolicitors score” of 100. The display score in the chart above is a simple percentage representation of the average score of those who reviewed this law firm. “It`s fantastic to work with Gregory Porter, it`s clear that he wants the best for his clients and is working diligently to make it happen.” “Butcher & Barlow listens and quickly understands the nuances of our business and the issues we face. They provide a highly professional service. “The team is made up of very strong people who understand the economic realities and are very clearly focused on key issues.” “Chris Hopkins is very down to earth and explains things in a simple and straightforward way.” This week, we welcomed Hannah Seppman to the Butcher & Barlow team. Hannah joins us as an Administrative Assistant and supports our Bramphall office team.

Welcome to the Hannah team, we wish you lots of fun with your treats! #LegalAdvice #DecisionsShared #Welcome We never take our position for granted and work extremely hard to maintain our high standards. I`m really proud of the team`s hard work and dedication and I`m very happy that they were recognized in this way. Kevan put me in touch with Joanne who gave me great advice and professional support! I would recommend Butcher & Barlow LLP – Thank you Joanne and Kevan! Caroline Cockill-Guy; Nicola Wingfield; Hollie Loughman; Rachael Pyke “Jonathan Aldersley`s support continues to be an invaluable asset to my companies, and his initiative, calmness, opinions and expertise in managing often quite complex M&A projects are greatly appreciated. Justin Kelly also deserves recognition, especially for his commercial judgment on employment issues and the negotiations he conducted. ReviewSolicitors contains lists for all law firms in England and Wales containing basic data provided by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The examiner can choose Yes or No. “Nicola Wingfield is hardworking and conscientious and goes above and beyond her clients` expectations. Nicola listens and is committed to understanding the needs of her clients in order to provide them with the best possible result.